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  1. I've been leaving stuff packaged just how they were in the Magic Box, and then updating new stuff to use folders. The more you change things, the more opportunity there is for something to break. People don't mind unboxing things. I'd much rather have customers unbox things instead of having to run into all sorts of problems. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. There's a really, really good reason why enterprise software still runs on ancient software, and it's because it works. I jumped on DD as fast as I could, because I've been having problems with Magic Boxes since September. I had an issue and DD seems to be helping me so far, at least when it's working. If magic boxes are working, there's no need to rush into DD, you still have some time to transfer over. I hope LL gets their stuff together. This new release has left my sales hurting too. If your sales have tanked these last few days, you're not alone. A lot of people depend on marketplace sales to pay for land. If LL doesn't fix things, they should at least give people a grace period after the first of the month considering what's happened here. It'd be nice if LL would consider doing things for premium members who experience problems like this. It would be fantastic if LL gave us marketplace enhancement credits or something for the inconvenience.
  2. I'm not saying DD is better, I'm trying to help Super (and whoever else reads this thread) fix the problem. I haven't really had a single issue with DD other than a few times I've had outbox failures, but I resent them and it worked. The point I'm trying to make is that there's something wrong with SLMP that has nothing to do with DD or magic boxes.
  3. I understand your frustration. The first time this happened to me it slashed my monthly sales by half, and it was with magic boxes. From my experience, if you can find a way to reupload your items to second life market place you should be ok. When my magic boxes were failing, I would have about a 80-90% failure rate. I don't know of a way to fix it. I would try renaming your objects, uploading them again through the outbox, and then reassociating them and seeing if they work. That's stupidly time consuming though. If you can go back to boxes you should for now, LL hasn't given us a good way to reset things with DD if they go bad.
  4. I absolutely agree with CTL. I have had problems with Magic Boxes forever. I would get messages that communications timed out, and my sales would tank. I would resetup all the boxes (limiting each box to about 5-10 items) and my sales would be 10x higher than after I got the message that my magic boxes have timed out. Not only that, but only a few items would sell well at a time, and the successful items would always change after resetting my boxes. I've been playing with it since the beginning of September, and I am fairly confident that there are major issues. Oddly enough, DD has been working much better for me, but the fact that the website isn't working right is really showing and sales still aren't the greatest I've had, but I'm doing far better with DD than I was with Magic Boxes. There is something very, very broken in SLMP that transcends DD or Magic Box. When I had my magic boxes, I kept having people message me about a product I didn't sell and them not getting it after they paid for it. Whatever the cause, it's not just DD that's causing it. Sometimes when I would re-rez my magic boxes, things would be better or they'd be worse. I really think it's kind of random and I wonder how many people have given up selling things in here because SLMP wasn't working properly. With magic boxes, I could re rez them and the system would be better. I don't know of a workaround like that for DD, since the code is all running somewhere where we don't have control. I don't even know how it's implimented.You might try resending objects from the merchant outbox and re-assigning them, but if we don't know how DD works, there's no way to come up with a good solution. It was somewhat straightforward how magic boxes worked. LSL scripts and a web server communicating with each other. Server sends items to website. Done. Whatever the case, I hope everyone gets this figured out. The website has been running really odd for me. Sometimes it just times out.Other times it takes a while for it to load. Either way, people are discouraged from shopping when it takes 10 seconds to load a page. It really hurts their confidence that the transaction is going to complete and it makes them worried they're going to have their L$ taken and then end up messaging a store owner who doesn't reply and won't resend the item.
  5. This removed a lot for me but it didn't remove all. If you remove items one at a time it'll remove them, but the website is crazy slow right now. It feels like a database isn't indexed properly. I've dealt with stuff like this developing web apps. They will probably figure it out or what else is wrong soon enough. When you remove multiple items, the page is probably exceeding execution time and going to that error page. It's one of those things that you have no idea is wrong when you're beta testing with a tiny percentage of the total population and you just flick a switch and turn it on for everyone. LL should start staggering releases for users. I'm pretty sure that's what Facebook does.
  6. I had this too, and then I only sent a few items at a time and it seemed to work. My sales have completely tanked, however, but I chalk that up to the way marketplace is running right now. I hope nothing is broken too bad.
  7. Sera's method worked. Thank you! Everything is going smoothly so far except for the SLMP site is loading slowly, but that's to be expected.
  8. Sorry for jumping the gun. I'm just excited about DD. No one gave a time, I expected them to have everything in order and for it to just be a switch to flip.
  9. Viewer: Second Life 3.3.1 (250772) Mar 8 2012 03:47:05 (Second Life Development) Server: Second Life Server Whenever I open the Merchant Outbox, it tells me I need to create a store, I've had one since 2007. It won't let me drag or drop anything, I just get the NO icon. I'm just grabbing objects from my old Magic Box folder and trying to put them on the Outbox. Any help? Or have I already found a bug? Or is it just not rolled out completely yet? EDIT: I tried resaving my store information, and that didn't help.
  10. I've been having a lot of problems with this too. Today I had someone tell me the marketplace took his L$ and he never received the product. I looked at my transaction history and there was no record of him purchasing. He broke down and bought it at my in world store. Needless to say a lot of sales are getting lost. I never got the L$, he never got the product. I have no idea how many times this has happened. A lot of people get scammed out there and just move on without saying anything. Yesterday, the marketplace wasn't working in FF7 either. I don't know what LL is doing but the marketplace is really hurting.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. I should have stated that you should only do this if you're having problems with custom physics meshes. That's all I'm using it for and it's the only reason why you should be on an older viewer. The problem in Blender for me started when i shift+d copied an object and its physics mesh. After that, it all stopped working.
  12. This is so annoying, and I couldn't find anything on the Jira talking about it. I'm going to make one now. Anyways, the best solution is to roll back to a previous version of SL. Here is a download link for 3.0.1 http://download.cnet.com/3001-7540_4-75592526.html?spi=b6626a14dbc626bedf5610e2e91cf9fa WARNING: It has some sort of crapware cnet downloader. You can probably find a better version to download, but this one works I think. Make sure to turn off automatic updates in preferences.
  13. I couldn't agree with you more. LL creates a restraint which is going to affect everyone, and then they only tell a fraction of the people what's going to happen. It's going to be interesting to see how the general population of SL responds to this change. But you're right. This isn't our responsibility, we don't even really like this feature, to be honest. It's foolish to think that the entire community of mesh builders is going to be completely knowledgeable about mesh as soon as it comes out and that it's our responsibility to educate people. Mesh is going to change when it comes out. There's going to be growing pains. All of us aren't going to be able to keep up with the latest news and keep everyone informed. LL needs to make a formal announcement of PE Weight to the general population as soon as possible so they are aware that things are going to work this way with mesh. To have mesh instantly deployed and then go, "hey, by the way, if you make this thing bigger it's going to use more prims." I understand that PE weight being affected by scale has to do with the LODs, but I'm not ready to explain to customers that the object doesn't look like it's changing when you make it bigger, but the cost is still going up. As far as game design goes that's purely anti-fun and it will make a ton of people angry. There will be people who are angry enough to ask for sculpty versions instead, which will only consume more triangles and completely bypass LL's solution to low client FPS sims.
  14. I'm making a dancefloor that can have programable tiles. The sculpty version required the dance floor itself (which was like a rounded off hexagon), and another one slightly larger around it inside out shaded a different color to give a cool cell shaded effect. Each tile was two prims. With Mesh, I was able to make a single mesh hexagon (with sexy sharp corners instead of smooth shaded edges), a border, and a joint between the border. Since I could assign different materials, I made one object with three different materials and control them via script. Each tile was 3 PEweight, but when linked it is a little over one per object. I saved about 1300 triangles per object and halved the number of prims.Considering you will need about 50 or more tiles for a floor, you're looking at saving around 65k triangles people won't have to render. PE Weight is finally becoming fair enough to give people a reason to use mesh over sculpts when mesh is far more effecient to render.
  15. That's a valid point. I guess when we market it we're going to have to give PE Weights at different dimensions. We are going to need this feature implimented in the marketplace.
  16. Overall I'm somewhat concerned about the customers who aren't as well educated when it comes to mesh. We've all been following everything in here pretty closely, because it all greatly affects us. The general SL population has no idea, other than "mesh is coming and there's going to be new stuff." They don't know PE Weight or anything we've been discussing with LL. When I made this post, I wasn't completely sure where I was heading with it. I knew there was a problem where the prim count changes with scale. It's a radical new idea that a lot of people aren't going to understand. It's also opening up a lot of doors for abuse from merchants. It's also opening up a lot of problems. Do I sell my tree at 5 meters, which is an acceptable tree size? Or do I make it more realistic and take a huge PE Weight hit? Everyone is going to be doing these things, and there is not going to be any confidence in PE Weight when you buy from different vendors. Even if I do do things honestly (which I plan on doing), there are going to be people who don't do things honestly, and will have a higher triangle mesh marketed as lower PE Weight because it's smaller than mine. We understand PE Weight. We've all been experimenting with it and mesh (I have been for months upon months), the average consumer has no idea. We have all been so focused on the engineering aspect of mesh that we've completely forgotten about the marketing aspect. There is huge potential for the general population to become very upset with mesh, between no longer being able to resize their objects without a penalty and getting burned by merchants who market their PE Weight in an overly-optimistic way. My biggest fear is that is that the average consumer will be duped by these sorts of issues they don't have to deal with with sculped builds or in world prim builds, and mesh will gain a negative perception and will be avoided on the marketplace, making it essentially a dead technology for things outside of attachments.
  17. I appreciate everyone's replies but this isn't answering my question. Even if you use mesh for smaller objects, you're still able to shrink it down, even just to the lower end of usable, and then market it as lower prim. I got my example tree down to 5 PEWeight. A tree is not a good example because everyone knows that mesh in it's current form isn't optimized for large objects, but whether you're making a table, bucket, kettle, door, etc, you can still fudge the numbers. And people are going to do it. A lot of them don't care. Not to mention they'd just have to rebrand themselves and sell the same stuff again.
  18. Today I was thinking and it kind of occured to me that PE weight being influenced by the size of the object is going to make it nearly impossible to market. What are you going to do if someone buys your mesh and then scales it larger and then complains that it cost more than advertised? Can't you cheat the numbers by scaling your object down to a smaller size (for example, call it "teen sized") so you can advertise a lower PE Weight, and then when people buy it they have to make it larger, thus costing them more prims than advertised? I'm not thinking of doing it, it's pretty shady. But it seems to me like a lot of people are going to be doing this. I just was experimenting with some trees. At 15m tall, the PE Weight was 20, at 9 meters it's 11. But now it puts you in an awkward sitation. Do you sell the tree at 9 meters, which is pretty small, or do you deal with everyone else doing it too and you looking like you have a high prim crappy mesh with the 15m mesh? It's all the same thing, but to the casual shopper on the marketplace it's going to be a nearly 50% difference in prim cost when advertised. It's essentially punishing honest merchants and rewarding shady ones who have no problem cheating and lying about numbers. Has anyone even thought about this? I don't even know of a solution. Even if you had the client or server detect the PE weight and automatically add the PEWeight value to the database for the marketplace record, you'd still have people shrinking it down. And I realize that you can just flat out lie for legacy content and say your 10 prim table is really 5, but if you do that, you're blatantly lying. If you misrepresent your PE Weight, you're not lying, you're just pulling a Fox News and bending the truth to benefit yourself. How would you get in trouble? I could just say I sold this tree as a 5m object for 9 prims and if you want it bigger you have to deal with it.
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