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  1. You can test marketplace lag and get an objective answer to page performance by using something like http://tools.pingdom.com I ran a test a few times, it seems hit or miss. A few weeks ago I was measuring 30 seconds or more to load marketplace. What I'd really like to see is an A/B test done with existing marketplace design and then a really simple, sleek one that more resembles google home page. A simple search box, tools to search if you do some clicking, and that's the end of it. marketplace more closely resembles something like amazon right now. What I am curious is if a lightweight, fast loading website would increase sales enough to make up for the lost income from selling advertisements. I have an odd feeling looking at my sales data and comparing them to how well the marketplace is loading that sales would increase significantly if marketplace was faster loading. It seems like, specially with the inclusion of google ads on marketplace, that the SLMP website is only being looked at in a short range (I'm tired and can't think of the right word) perspective. Marketplace is the primary gateway to the content of Second Life. Most other games would absolutely kill for the amount of content Second Life has. And yet LL's objective with SLMP seems to be to maximize profits on the page itself instead of using it as a tool to keep users engaged and to provide them with content to keep logging in after 30 days. I've been hoping to see it transition from just a place for LL to push advertisements and charge for promotions into something where selling as many things as possible works out best for merchants because it ends up with more money in their pockets and it works better for LL because they can keep new users engaged in new content. The fact that there are so many people who try Second Life and then leave saying "I didn't know what to do! It was empty and I didn't have anything" is sort of ridiculous when the main content repository is (nearing?) 3 million items. Look at a game like League of Legends. People pay big money for skins becaue it's really easy to access. It's something you can just impulse buy. And comparing the amount of content in what you can do to an avatar in Second Life is massively larger than your options in a game like LoL. Marketplace's sole purpose should be to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they are looking for as fast as possible. If you want to grab people's attention for impulse buys, that feature should be quarantined into a different section of the website. Sort of like how google has the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
  2. Is there any hope of LL marketplace team abandoning Ruby on Rails? Twitter saw a 1000x speedup in search by going to Java from RoR. To put that into perspective, that's the same as going from 10ms to 10,000ms, or 10 seconds. XStreet used PHP, and while it's an ugly language, it performs very well and has a large amount of utilities available for optimizing performance and caching things. Try using a web page performance analyzer like http://www.webpagetest.org or http://tools.pingdom.com. The site performs horribly and that's not even using a search query.
  3. Firstoff, this is a great thread. I think I was one of the original people who came up with the idea that LL is making trouble for itself by claiming to own the stolen content from games that gets uploaded. Right now, if LL wants to remove stolen content from the grid, they have to wait for a DCMA from the owner of the IP. I've done this personally and I know friends who have done it, most of the time, companies DON'T care that people are stealing content in SL and they can't be bothered to write a DCMA. However, the people who get hurt the most from this are actually the content creators and LL itself. As a content creator, I must now compete in situations where it can take me 40+ hours to finish something, which I would normally sell for a few thousand L$, with someone who is just stealing similar content and selling it for L$5. So obviously, that does hurt content creators. But how does it hurt LL? LL takes a cut off of every sale. They want the more expensive, high quality stuff to sell. Stolen content has created a race to the bottom of prices. It hurts content creators and it hurts LL's profits off of marketplace as well. In regards to removing stolen content, however. Before, LL would have to wait until the IP owner showed up and contacted them and filed a DCMA. LL can now go, "hey, we know where you got that from and you don't have the rights to upload this and resell it, we're removing it." As for LL being silent on the issue and implying that LL is doing something big like selling. LL never talks to us. This is nothing out of the ordinary. With the old TOS, LL was completely handcuffed when it came to people reporting content. If they removed it without getting a DCMA, IIRC people were saying LL would actually get in trouble for it. That problem is now gone. LL owns it now and if they think it's stolen (or they want it gone for whatever reason), they can actually remove it because it's theirs and they're free to use their property how they want to. It's a lot of power given to LL and I don't think I've seen this point made. It's up to LL to use this for good and not evil, but considering LL runs off of user generated content, I don't see them intentionally using this for evil.
  4. There have been some people who have been claiming that SLMP gives products away for free. It might be related but I'm not making any accusations right now towards CTL. Things have been wonky, for me at least, since the new payment system went into place. Last July was better than this one, last August better than this one, and now last September was way better than this one. It is usually safe to assume that when LL or CTL announces some sort of change to SLMP, that it will have a swath of new bugs in the upcoming months. Then they fix them and then they break it again by adding new features or changing things.
  5. Maybe there was some truth to those ancient rumors of Microsoft buying Second Life? http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Second-Life-Linden-Lab-Mark-Kingdon-virtual-World-Xbox,11402.html Metro GUI on SL! ITS HABBENING! I would say that if you're a mesh or texture vendor, you could at least make your products difficult to alter in ways that customers aren't meant to alter (SL would probably be able to alter them how they want) and then place your logo somewhere. Then at least if LL takes it, everyone sees your name on your product and you're getting (kind of) free advertising. It is kind of sad to say but I think MS would do a better job with SL. I am really tired of CTL announcing new features and then the day of deployment my sales drop 30% and don't recover for months.
  6. So, does this mean LL is claiming copyright to the stolen intellectual property that gets uploaded to SL? I was reading the CGTextures thread and I realized that this has basically turned people stealing mesh content and uploading it into, "some random guy is making a few bucks off of my work" to "LL says they own this and they're free to use it how they want, but LL is assuming it's created by the uploader and it's actually my work which I don't want in SL or to give LL free permission to use my goods however they like" What effect do you think this is going to have on all that content that comes from other games?
  7. Another huge clue is that the quality of the advertisement images doesn't match the quality of the mesh product being sold. That's why I try and maintain a website for my goods that matches the style of my primary product images. It shows that I'm capable of building and I have control over what I'm doing. I'd encourage everyone else who is making original content to take steps outside of their actual products to assure customers that you'll stand by what you make and to give them confidence in you as a creator. It seems a large number of the folks who rip content don't even have very good graphic design skills and they at best can throw text on an image, add some layer styles, and paste some other images they stole from some where else (and stealing images like that is just as bad as stealing mesh, someone worked hard to make those images and they didn't work hard for someone else to make money off of it). There are some people, no doubt, who are alright with photoshop who are selling stolen content but poor graphic design on advertisements coupled with very well done mesh is usually a clue. A complex mesh item takes time to make. It also takes skill. No one in their right mind would spend 40+ hours on a piece of high quality mesh to sell it for 50 cents. My concerns are that this stolen content losing value is going to drag a lot of actual content creators who make similar things down with it. I'm also concerned that eventually SL itself may be known as a place for content theives to go. Worst case scenario is that the stolen goods might become so well known that SL might just end up looking like some sort of cheap Gary's Mod knock-off where you're not limited to using Valve assets. I wish I knew what LL was thinking. A part of me thinks they actually want this stolen content in here. I'm recalling some sort of post around here that was basically Humble telling all non-pro content creators "good-bye", but the part that worried me the most about his actual quote was that it (IIRC) was more to the effect of "we're releasing materials to get professional CONTENT in the game" and not creators. Which to me kind of sounded much like they were hinting at they actually wanted to give people who steal content better tools to sell their stolen content as opposed to encouraging the types of mesh creators who bake their products because they know how to. Baking is a serious barrier to entry if you choose to do it, at the settings I use it still takes me a while, I have a 5ghz 8 core AMD CPU running a completely optimized version of Gentoo Linux with a completely optimized version of Blender and it will take several hours to bake something not overly large. I just don't think it's very wise to be so lax about content theft, specially when the content is being stolen from an industry that does nothing but cries that piracy is killing their profits.
  8. CTL you really need to sit down and talk with the boss about the state of the marketplace. Rod has all these plans of wanting professional content and such in here, but people are only going to bring in that kind of content if they can reliably get paid for their work. As it stands right now, turbosquid and the other sites are far more reliable when it comes to actually getting your money and providing a good experience for customers. The SLMP is all over the place, it has a bad reputation as unreliable. Rod really, really needs to understand the importance of the market place. Quality content will keep users in Second Life, it'll drive numbers up everywhere. I thought Rod would have realized that coming from EA he is moving from a business model of having to pay people to make DLC for their games and to have to pay folks to create content for their products, to Second Life where LL actually makes money off of people who create content for their game via encouraging users to invest in land to use that content and through commission through sales. I had high hopes that Rod would have seen this and realized the importance of ensuring that Second Life had quality content that attracted quality developers which in turn attracted a large audience of people to play the game because of the quality content within Second Life. Instead he has given us Patterns and such and has completely ignored things. The grid sits empty because people are not finding compelling reasons to stay logged in. They do not have the content to occupy themselves in SL. Because of this people don't see the need for a sim, or to hang out in a certain place. Sims are expensive as it is, but when you sit down with an idea and you end up having to buy content from merchants to make it happen, and you have no confidence in the marketplace you're using to acquire that content, people just don't care as much about creating what they want in Second Life. It really pains me as LL has basically made it extremely difficult to open up a competitor to SLMP given the massive convenience SLMP would offer over a traditional xstreet type of "pay a terminal and keep your account balance up. The entire state of Second Life right now is bad. I'm simply trying to look at someone's picks right now and I keep getting a huge, pink scary error when I try and load the page. The entire product needs to be brought to a level where it's at least reliable. I have serious doubts in everything myself as I see sales patterns that make no sense. I'll have the best days of the week end up on a Tuesday or Wednesday or something, and then have a horrible weekend. I'll have a great June and then make half as much in July. Second Life is a great product, if it weren't people wouldn't put up with all the problems. But it needs to see a ton of quality changes before anything else happens. We need to see a feature freeze and commitment to fixing what is broken. Even if SLMP was fixed to be 100% reliable it's extremely painful to spend hundreds of dollars a month on something to have it constantly breaking with rez errors and stuff. I'd even be content with seeing features removed from SLMP in order to improve the reliability of actually finding products and getting them in world. It's really easy to sit back and say that Second Life is going down, but the solution isn't as difficult as people seem to think. People have a massive intolerance for things not working or not being able to use things they paid for. That should be the #1 issue to address in Second Life right now. The fact that real money is being involved only makes things severely worse. It gets even worse when you have people depending on Second Life to make a living and confidence in the platform is so low that the vast majority of folks who provide content for this game have no faith things will ever get fixed. Also, please start communicating with our customers on SLMP better. Changing the entire check out page is a huge, jarring change. People don't take well to massive, aburpt change at all, and it scares people when they are using real money.
  9. Sorry to bump an older thread, but I was wondering if people were still experiencing this. I still am, several hours to get an email and sales have been very slow in SLMP. I noticed it began about the weekend where LL admitted they had to manually push transactions though and it hasn't stopped yet. I am on track to have the worst month of sales in a very long time, and traditionally this is my strongest point of the year.
  10. I've been having the same problem in Linux. I finally managed to install Funtoo properly and I thought I was the one messing everything up. I get the crash in Firestorm, official viewer, official dev, and official beta viewer. Does anyone else know anything about this? I'd roll back to an older version of Second Life but I have a really, really good feeling that there's not a lot of people archiving old Linux versions. Nella, if you can find an older version of Second Life, try installing that. If we're both having the same problem and we're on completely diffferent operating systems, it's probably something wrong with the viewer.
  11. Rodvik comes from a gaming company. He is not used to having to appreciate the content creators for his games, because it's just part of the plan. SL needs merchants, because they create the content. The way LL treats merchants is appalling. I don't understand why they don't treat us better. If it weren't for us, the grid would be ruth, basic avatar hair, and library clothing items. All with Linden Trees and library housing. I hope they change their tune very soon. If another virtual world comes along that appreciates its content creators, merchants are going to jump ship from SL extremely quickly. Not only is Second Life a platform that underappreciates its content creators, but they actually charge us to create content for their game. They charge per upload, take a commission, and of course you're more than likely going to have to pay them (probably indirectly through a land baron or such) for an in world presence. It's pretty sad. I imagine if another virtual world comes out, that they would understand that without merchants, they end up with a world like cloud party where everyone looks the same, lives in the same houses, and it's very low contrast.
  12. Whoever is noticing this pattern, please correlate it with the activity in WEB-4587. I have noticed that the more active that JIRA is, the worse sales performance is. For example, the week before this one was pretty good. This week, the JIRA has been busy, Toy Solider experienced what I assume is another database corruption (which happens to be in an area we've never seen it happen in before), and my sales have been bad. I feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with the SLMP software stack, and these patterns are affecting the sales of merchants rather heavily. There may be other bugs which correlate to bad sales. The pattern I've noticed (sorry, I don't feel like making graphs and digging through data to show it) is that the longer sales are good, the longer sales will be bad. After the WEB-4587 emails stop, sales slowly pick up until they crash and WEB 4587 becomes active again. And by the way, I feel the reason that it affects some people and not others is that there are several different servers running different people's stores and that some have issues while other do not.
  13. Hey Darrius. I know I've got kind of a reputation on this forum as some sort of secret agent or something, but lately I've noticed that SLMP will not sell low cost items and high cost items at the same time. It is either one or the other. I've been generally following a sales pattern of poor sales for a day, low cost items selling well, high cost items selling well, poor sales, repeat. IT seems to have really switched to this lately as the L$ earned on SLMP for me fluctuates very strongly, and it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. Sometimes Sat and Sun are awesome, and sometimes they're awful. Other times Tuesday is good. It makes no sense. I think you would be in good shape if you made a high cost item above L$1000. Maybe throw your windows in a fat pack or make a big builder's kit. When my sales were good (and other people I know were good too), I was selling everything at the same time, both low cost and high cost items. Now, it seems like it's one or the other. If you don't have both, you're going to have bad sales from what I've seen and you're not going to make as much money as you normally would.
  14. You are not alone. I have a mesh terrain kit and it used to be a huge seller, and now it barely sells. LL did something with search results. When I search for the keywords I'm targeting, I get a ton of unrelated things. You are right about them not competing. A mesh kit is much lower poly but it has physics and it should only be used where people are going to be walking, and a sculpty one is much higher poly but doesn't have physics, so it looks prettier but you can't walk on it, so it's for areas where people shouldn't be walking (off sim is fantastic for them). I've noticed this behavior before when I was complaining about MBs being broken. I was wrong about MBs being broken, but I was right about something being very broken. The problem is that when I switched to DD, I was an early adopter and I had the whole system with little competition for resources. Because of this, my sales were record breaking by a huge margin. Now, we're seeing people who use MBs have better sales. My sales were slowly dying off but they happened to pick back up about three weeks ago, but they're still not as good as they were before we had the big crash of April 27th and April 30th. There's two ways I've found that you can use to estimate how your sales will be the next few days on SLMP. 1. [JIRA] (WEB-4587) Incorrect items showing up on my marketplace store from other merchants but with my listing texture and vice versa When Web 4587 starts to get active, my sales the next day are almost always awful. Whenever a new merchant posts there, you can expect the next 3-4 days to have slowly increasing SLMP sales (at least from what I've been monitoring). 2. Long delays for getting paid or getting email notifications. When this happens, the next day or so will have awful sales. Drops in sales data correlate pretty strongly with increased activity on WEB 4587. The time between June 3rd and June 10th I averaged over 6 transactions on SLMP per day and WEB 4587 has nothing posted. On the 10th, new users began to say they were having issues with their listings. I went from 8 transactions the day before to 1 the day WEB 4587 start to be active. Web 4587 has been active the last week, and my # of transactions on SLMP has been about half of what it was in the time when WEB 4587 was not active between June 3rd and June 10th. It's difficult to find another date when WEB 4587 had a time that long (about a week) without activity. It was before April 30th, and my sales data before that date is significantly better than after it. I've noticed that it seems like SLMP will have a bad day and then it will take a few days for # of transactions to ramp back up, and then it will crash again. Every day that has really good sales is eventually followed by a day where sales plummet (going from 8 to 1 or even 16 to 1), and it doesn't matter if sales plummet on Sunday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday. So, while I think the day of the week does affect my sales, it's not normal to see sales better than weekends on a Wednesday and then for things to blow up Saturday and have 1 sale on Sunday . Last night, I had a huge delay in payment, and I didn't get paid for something until I paid to upload an image. Today, my sales have been non-existent. SLMP this last week has been in very bad health.
  15. No, it's like saying you have two systems in place to get orders to UPS or FedEx or DHL or whatever, it doesn't matter what shipping company you use. Where I think everything is getting clogged up is (very abstractly) the part where the order goes from being placed by the customer to where the (theoretical) shop would say "Ok UPS/DHL/USPS/FedEx, here's what needs to be shipped!" I think it is somewhere between there, and it has nothing to do with DD or MBs anymore. Looking at sales data, there is clearly something that changed. I think that if I am right about this, that there's two different systems for getting things from the customer to the delivery system, one for MB and one for DD. I'm guessing that my DD sales were awesome not because DD was working, but because I adopted DD very early and I probably had the whole system nearly to myself. I transfered basically the first day DD came out. As more and more people switched to DD, my sales started to slow (although not as low as pre-DD levels). I'm starting to attribute this to the fact that the system that takes care of things bewteen the customer and DD is now clogged up and broken. I wouldn't be surprised if MBs were performing better than DD now if the majority of people have already switched to DD. As this drags on more and more, it seems like the whole system is starting to fall apart (mixed up listings, failing deliveries, etc) because LL doesn't give SLMP and the grid the computing resources it needs to stay healthy. And I do think LL knows something is wrong and won't admit it. Look at this quote from CTL: In addition to the above issues, there have been reports of Direct Delivery purchases silently being delivered and the Merchant not getting paid (the order is marked as “Failed”). How does the order get marked as failed yet silently fails? I think someone said something they weren't supposed to. And look how atomic the transaction process is (I am pretty sure you're the one who pointed it out). Do you honestly think LL was capable of using any of the existing MB code at all at any stage of the process? I wouldn't be surprised if the two code paths diverged as soon as someone pressed the order button.
  16. I pretty much doubled my income when switching to DD, but when I say that in this forum I usually get branded "an agent of Linden Lab". Last month things slowed down a little, probably because of summer. SL still has some issues I think and my sales have been following a sawtooth pattern for a while, where they ramp up and once they start getting really good, they fall through and then the grid goes ugly. Yesterday, sales were great, and today, there's a lot of problems going on.
  17. Everyone on this forum is an Agent. Spica is like Neo in the Matrix, probably took the red pill.
  18. You won't let this go, will you? I've already said I don't work for LL or anything. But back on topic, I missed one email on a sale today but all the rest have been fine. How is everyone else doing? Czari, I've noticed that too and I get it a lot. I just had a few days where that wasn't happening like it usually does and it looked like it had to be potential to be a trend.
  19. I think it may be more difficult if you are selling clothes and stuff like that. I mostly sell caves, prefabs, and builder's kits, so people have a huge incentive to come see them in world before they make a big purchase. They usually come in world and see them and then buy them at a later date. I don't know what kind of vendors you use, but if you had some sort of mannequin or something it might help a lot.
  20. I would hope that this wouldn't affect everyone at a time. If it did, it would mean that there was probably one server running everything for everyone or a major flaw in software. The fact that it only affects some people makes me think that either LL has different versions of the delivery software on different machines or that some machines just get backed up more than others. It also makes me think that LL is kind of getting a grip on everything if it's affecting some people instead of all of them. Can I also guess that your sales have been fine yesterday since you kept getting emails? Mine were down by about a factor of 10 (a little more than that actually). If your sales were somewhat normal yesterday, it makes me think that servers are getting backed up for some people but not everyone. If servers are getting backed up, it should mean that sales get dropped and all sorts of nasty things happen. If I could prove that this was the case, I could make an argument that premium members (or a new premium merchant program) would let people who pay get on lower loaded delivery system servers for faster and more reliable deliveries. I would bet that a lot of the freebies and really cheap products that go around have a lot more transactions than the more expensive items, which lags things and backs things up for the more expensive items. I would easily pay $20 or more a month for premium delivery. I really do believe that LL is eating sales (or people are giving up or something) and that the delivery software (for both MB and DD) is broken (the part of the website and other software that communicates with DD and MBs). I appreciate your feedback though. Once I know what's wrong I can let other people know and we can better ask for what we need from LL.
  21. I just have sales figures for ANS and not in world. The last week or so I've noticed I've been having significantly more in world transactions than SLMP, so it might be hard to see if you have all the data from in world and SLMP lumped together. I am glad things are going well. It would be nice to see in world stores become more important. A good in world store is a good way to show off your building skills when customers come in. I just had one sale today (so far) and I did not get an email from it.
  22. I would be happy to see they were at least working on performance issues. The fact that emails are not getting sent regardless of MB or DD usage tells me that there's probably something wrong with the software between the MB/DD and the customer. Their post was more of a "hey, we're still alive!" kind of thing, but these issues have been outstanding for a very long time now. That and it's quite clear that the delivery system is overloaded or something, I'm not the only one who is experiencing decreased sales. I know of a few very big names in here who have seen sales get hammered lately, there's definitely something wrong. We need fixes sooner and quicker than this. This isn't acceptable. And before I get the usual "Agent Flea must be reporting for shilling!" remarks, I don't work for LL and I never have, and they don't pay me to post on these forums.
  23. I have been watching it with ANS for a while. There has been a really strong pattern since 05/16/2012 where sales tank, slowly build up, and then tank again. I am more curious if anyone else is noticing something like this as well. It was happening before this but now it is far less pronounced. I think it's evidence the back end of SLMP is broken or overloaded or something, but it would be nice if I could get a bigger sample size to see if it's just me or of other people experience this as well. It only seems to be visible if you have a large number of items and you normally have a decent number of transactions a day. You should have an in world store. I have noticed people are transitioning towards shopping in world (I'm guessing they're just using SLMP to view pictures and read a description before teleporting in world).
  24. This started to affect me last night. It seems like when this happens to me my sales tank until I start getting emails again. I am guessing it has to do with systems getting backed up. It seems like they start to get delayed, then they stop showing up, and then your sales die. Just a pattern I've noticed. I had a few sales last night with no emails. I went to bed expecting sales to be awful today and sure enough, I woke up to awful sales.
  25. Things were starting to act like normal this morning for me too, but it seems like the marketplace has already been overloaded and was useless by about 12 SL time today. I agree, LL does seem extremely disorganized. I think Rodvik is a good guy and he has great plans for getting people into SL and keeping them engaged, but what SL needs right now is for someone to organize the company and get it on the right track. Simply getting new users isn't going to grow the SL economy and user base. If anyone has come in here the last few months to try and explore starting their own Second Life store, there is absolutely no way they would still be doing it. Everyone I know who has a small store has gone from selling a few things a day to not selling things for several days. If they would port SLMP to PHP and then create their own direct delivery module in C for PHP to use, SLMP would be ridiculously fast.
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