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  1. Hi, this may belong in the mainland forum but I just had a general question. Do people actually pay over a hundred dollars for 1024 sq ft of land?? I always wondered how these people make any money because half of Horizons (as an example) are all for sale with the lowest price being 26,000L that I've seen. It's just crazy. Are other places like this or is it just Bay City and Horizons?
  2. I had some naughty fun then jumped off my PC and logged onto Lumiya in my birthday suit before I went to bed. Well I wake up the next morning with an insane amount of IMs from people because the sim restarted and I spend hours naked at an info hub >< That's happened more times than I'd care admit.
  3. Are you wanting to experience a family community unlike any other? Then look no further than Tribeca Falls! We're actively looking for more wonderful people to join our blossoming 8 sim community. - Active PD, FD, Hospital, K-12 School - Long Term RP Plotlines - RP Full Service Restaurant - 4 Sim Area State Park - Residental & Commercial Lots - Life2 Integrated & Friendly Currently we are looking for teachers for various subjects. We have plenty of eager students and offer flexible schedules. If you are interested, please send Syntech Cisse or I (oreo.kira) a
  4. Hi! I'm looking for a fantasy or urban sim that is somewhat popular. Not CD. Thanks!
  5. Thank you!! I'm really surprised there are more groups for builders and buyers. I wasn't sure if I was typing in the right buzzwords to find them.
  6. To find mesh and furry builders for commissions and custom work. Anything from body parts, hair, skins. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the response! I ended up getting a custom skin and it looks great but I forgot one thing, bits. Do you know what bits furries with Maitreya bodies use? I'm having a hard time finding good ones.
  8. I've been looking on the Marketplace for decent bits but I haven't had any luck. I have a custom skin but I'm having trouble finding female parts that can be textured. I'm also looking for someone that makes custom bits if need be. Thanks!
  9. Thank you! I'm heading over there now!
  10. Hi, I'm looking to commission a grey furry skin for the Maitreya body and Starbright furry head. Let me know what info you need and I'll try my best to provide. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! What about the furry head? Would it be the same thing? I would need an omega applier? What about ears and tail? I basically, should everything say it's compatible with an OA? lol
  12. I have a fox Kemono AV right now with the venus head and I love it. The only problem is the lack of clothes I prefer to wear. I was wondering how I can go using a fox furry skin with a Maitreya body and something like the below head, similar to the Kemono? I'm not familiar with mesh or building at all so I'm aware I might have to Commission a skin that I want which is just a simple Gray and white skin but I am a fast learner so if proper instructions are out there, I'm sure I can figure it out with some trial and error. Thanks! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Glamour-Furry-Head/8217492
  13. So after a 5 year hiatus, I came back to SL and decided to try out mesh. I bought a Kemono avatar as well as a human/anime head. I don't know anything about mesh and I thought the head would be just as easy as wearing it and turning the furry AV into a human one but I was wrong! I can see through parts of my head and it doesn't look right at all. I don't understand the appliers or pretty much anything apparently when it comes to mesh/editing. Does anyone know of a good BASIC (like explaining what an applier is) tutorial so I can stop feeling like I wasted my money? :) I've checked out YouTub
  14. Me too! Right in the middle of RPing! Also...my other alt is fine as well......
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