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  1. Hey thats great...a Face!
  2. The same thing has been happening to me for the last 2 years, at my Mktplace Shop. I have logged in multiple times, to post new product I've made, only to find that several (and on a couple of occasions large chunks of my store inven) have been flagged and removed from circulation for completly non demonstrable reasons..or for no 'reason' at all. Talk about demoralising... I wouldnt want to begin trying to calculate how much this has cost me in lost time ('tempus fugit') and money to repost, over and over and over, and try as might, in 2 years all i've been able to do is file 'tickets' that are then summilarily ignored. A logical supposition might be that whomever is paid to 'police' the mktplace doesnt have any proper incentive to do so, and so just randomly 'pulls' listings ad hoc to fulfill quotas.... that at least would address the apparent random removal of pages, for no apparent reason. Its not the way I would treat a 'Premium User' who was paying monthly cash into my Buisiness, whilst generating cash for its economy with the other hand, but...I guess different people have different ways of doing business.
  3. Interesting- A game that has the look and feel of a pre teen one, that is locked out to anyone under 18.
  4. Not sure if Facebook is nessecarily the the correct platform for such a user forum, but the intent to look to residents for solutions to the problems inworld is an intelligent decision. The general feeling Inworld has always been that LL has always had a disconnect between itself and its own user base, and further, that that gap has only lengthened and become more frustrating and dysfunctional (on both ends), over time. History is littered with the debris of formerly sucessfull businesses, that at some point lost touch with their user base, and as a result stopped providing the same product or service their customers expected to be paying for, and I'm glad to see that apparently, LL does not have intentions of becoming one!
  5. Ya know, much as I agree with you thats thats obviously a 'to many fingers in the pie' scenario, I dont actually see it as being able to compete quality wise with the best Creators out there...i.e, those who are sufficiently gifted not to have to take low paying Corperate gigs...if you look at the history of such builds,have always been flat, dull and uninspired compared with the top of the tree independants.
  6. Hmm, well it looks like none of the residential community believes this report is anything other than Corporate fluff....I just hope LL doesn't believe it either, or we're all screwed -lol!
  7. Reg Display Names- You missed the point- What this allows greiefers to do is wreak havoc under somebody elses name, then escape unscathed, leaving the Avatar name they 'stole' holding the bag! LL will have no way to confirm the origional identity of the greifer, since all they will get is an ar report with the stolen name, as submitted by the victim! In RL this is called 'Identity theft'- and now its an admin sanctioned 'feature' in SL! Absolutely ludicrous.
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