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  1. So apparently it was just Firestorm being a jerk. After a fresh install, All's well now.
  2. So I've been having a problem with a mesh body not loading fully for me. I've browsed the forums and all the 'help' I could find is for AMD users. Things I've done: Cleared Cache Updated Nvidia Drivers Here's some system details: Firestore Release x64 Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 750 Ti Driver Version: 358.50 I'd like to think I'm not completely stupid when it comes to rendering things in SL, but I've frustrated myself to the point of putting the body in the bin and chocking it up to a loss of 4k. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Are you a fur who's looking for an outlet of your bondage fetish? Perhaps you're in need of a job as well, some spare Linden in your pocket is always a good thing, right? Well look no further than the most successful Furry focused bondage establishment that is The Bondage and Yiff Club! We're looking to hire: DJs Barstaff Escorts Security Only requirements: - 60+ days old accounts only please (Boss rules) - Furry/Neko avatars only please (we're a furry based establishment) - Online times of 2am until 2pm SLT. (10AM GMT - 10pm GMT) Times are negotiable, each posistion has a weekly 'hour' requirement as well. - Adult age requirement (varies from country, 18 is the default, 16 for UK) Come on by, visit the club and drop in an application. Click for SLurl to the club!
  4. I tried that, apparently he decided to pay the land renter the L$8,000 and wanted them to refund me (I don't know why, the club owner was gone for like 3 weeks before I'd made the payment, and vanished without a trace when he did 'go away') This is DEFINITLY a lesson to me, no matter how much I might like a club, don't try to be the super hero.
  5. On March 10th of this year, I helped a club owner that I work for with land rent, paying L$8,000 in total to a 3rd party land renter 'company' (I assume it's a company, the 'owner' states it in her profile) It's run by a wife/husband couple and they're usually pretty nice about the rental procedures (from what I'm told by the club owner) but it's the 3rd of April and I still have yet to get a refund from them. I've asked the club owner what to do, he says to keep contacting them or 'go to Linden labs about it'. I've tried contacting the wife and have gotten no response in the last hour and a half (I IM'd her in the beginning, then one hour later), I even left a notecard with the LL transaction history with both the wife, husband and a manager that I'd worked with directly on the day of the transaction. My question is, how can I go about 'contacting a linden' to get this resolved? L$8,000 might not be a lot to most residents, but it could certainly help me out with my own personal land payments. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed.
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