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  1. I log on and go to adjust my access setting to allow guests in only to find my house has been made open to bloody everybody with no warning.  Now I read here I'll to your a "approved" device for security now so people can still roam though my lot..

    NO THANKS...  I'm going to go clean out my new "home" and abandon it and for back to old mainland where I still have come control over


  2. Ok, then the plan is a trip to (as much as I hate the store) Staples and get a high end chair and maybe even a new desk. This desk is a bit higher them my old desk, and just seem a tad too high even with my chair raised for it. It's 25.5 inches to the keyboard shelf, 30.5 inches to the desktop. All the strange copu models on the laptops was driving my crazy.. I went in Bestbuy and they were giving me the line that it's still faster because of the new processor.. blah.. Right now my PC is 3GHz Athlon 2 dual core, but the video card is kind of dated being a nVidia Gforce 8400GS (512mb) So maybe update the video card at some point too :) The more I think about it, those little laptops are more for web browsing and email, maybe playing a dvd.. not even light duty gaming.

  3. Hi I'm thinking about getting a laptop so I don't have to spend all my time at my desk because of health issues.. And I'm kind of confused looking at laptops. I'm Seeing graphics listed on many at "Intel HD" and just seen one "Intel HD4400" http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/toshiba-toshiba-satellite-l50-b-15-6-laptop-black-intel-core-i5-4210u-750gb-hdd-8gb-ram-windows-8-1-l50-b-07w/10298966.aspx So I'm was hoping to get some insight if a laptop with this kind of graphics will run SL? I'll be using the laptop for other stuff of course, but not much sense getting one if I can't do SL too. I don't want to go spending a ton of money on a "gaming laptop just to do SL. I don't care if it's Intel or AMD CPU, but I have no interest in mac..
  4. These days I don't do all that much on SL.. I've been on SL over 10 years now and things just seem to have slowed down. A lot of people I've know have left, and a couple have passed away in RL. I don't build really anymore since the market place is way over saturated now (mostly with junk, or no transfer stuff is a pain too) I hang out a a couple bd/fetish places I like, usually ignored then go browse ebay or something.. I remember when SL was fun to just fly around and explore. When lag wasn't bad and there wasn't a ejector-bot running over ever other lot to kick you out of the area. Back then people had the imagination to do good fun RP and not have a talking script do it for you. And the free basic account made it bad for trouble makers using throw away AV to bother others. These days unless an av is over a year old I do usually bother with them. But then again, compared to me being active for over a decade, having been on most ever single day, just about everybody on SL is a newbie.

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