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  1. minimal SL usage. coming back. crash after 5-10 minutes. I have installed current version
  2. How can I get transaction billing from Jan 2012 or (earlier) thru Dec 2013. When posting, after a few months, such as April , I will revert to Jan 2011. What's up?
  3. This happened a few days ago when fussing with a couch that ws having problems. I could not get the avi to sync to the couch. removing couch did not solve the problem. "sits" are better but still a bit off. issues does not happen when standing in another location.
  4. After farting around for hours with a variety of "solutions", I simply changed skin and I was delivered to the promised land. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I accidently turned off friend's online status ability. All options icons disappered and cannot add back options. What's up with that? Using Phoenix Firestorm v4.0.2.27000. Problem is reproducable. Going back to Phoenix Viewer, selections are correct. Going back to v4, problem solved? Those friends I had deliberatly turned off online status have been restored. This is not a solution.
  6. I am having the same problem in both firestorm and SL viewers. I can open the advanced menu but get lost at "Character > charater test > male". what am I missing?
  7. the AO made the head movement go away. I have other problems with the AO which may have to be be replaced. The AO conflicts with others, like sitting down. That is a subject for another day. Thanks for the timely response. HawX
  8. my avi head moves to follow mouse. how can I turn that off?
  9. When I try to log in as my alternate avatar my password fails. Not surprising given the infrequency of its use. I use the reset password instructions and get a message that the new password change email has been sent. I never arrives. I have tried twice and looked at instances of alternate avatar discussions but have not seen this discussed or documented. There must be something fundamental I have missed.
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