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  1. - The Celebration of the Arts Festival At Angel Manor - We are delighted to announce the Celebration of the Arts Festival at Angel Manor to commemorate 14 years of The Rose Theatre. Join us for a weekend of live music with performers who have been with us from the very beginning and performers who have been with us a short while. Join the events on Facebook to have this spectacularextravaganza in your calendars! 29th May - https://fb.me/e/1jg5vveYH 30th May - https://fb.me/e/ObWydV7p
  2. Kaya and I would be delighted to give you a tour of Angel Manor Estate and have a chat about our biggest passion, The Rose Theatre. Please do get in touch.
  3. For anyone that may not have seen our venue yet, or for those who have and love it... Angel Manor is a cultural mecca within Second Life, encompassing beauty, romance, art and music inside one palace. There are opulent gardens, hundreds of rooms and hidden areas to discover in this building which spans over two sims. Would love to see you join us for afternoon tea, a musical performance, poetry, a walk through the art galleries or just to sit in the garden and ponder... The Rose Theatre SLurl
  4. You guys look amazing. If you would like to share them on any of our other sites please do so, would be great to have some interaction there
  5. You guys look absolutely beautiful! It makes me so happy to see you enjoying our venue, truely it does. Thought I'd add my own little contribution to the thread as well. Can't wait to see more of your pictures of the venue, and hope to see you all enjoying our performances and art galleries soon! Kindest Regards
  6. One of the most romantic and beautiful places I have ever been is Angel Manor, run by Kaya Angel. The extensive gardens have lots of areas to relax, dance or have a cuddle. The ballroom and theatre host some of the most spectacular performances. And the Opera House tends to all your theatrical needs. Truely, this place needs to be seen to be believed and perfect for a romantic day with your significant other. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/133/182/22/
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