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  1. We require a Celebrant for a high class non religious wedding. Details: Date: Saturday 19th October 2019 Time: 6.00 pm SLT - (you will be required for 1 - 1.5 hours and should be there 15 minutes early) Where: The island of Santorini is being built on a full sim reserved just for the wedding. Landmark provided closer to date. Voice is not required, although for the purpose of a discussion it would be handy. A written script will be provided. Applicants must be mature, experienced and calm, understand wedding procedures, and be able to follow instruction. You must have a human mesh body and head without tattoos and formal attire is a must. I will pay generously for the right person. If interested please IM me in-world. Many thanks - Zander Ewing
  2. Hi Katlya, I think you will find the general rule is as long as it's 30% different then it's ok.  As you will appreciate if someone is making and selling items to make a living the last thing you want is copycats taking your ideas and business. Using other people for ideas and inspiration is ok, but put those ideas together with your own and come up with something unique. Hope this helps Regards Zander
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