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  1. Bottom line is that they're essentially getting rid of the public JIRA by making it indistinguishable from the private one. A disappointingly obtuse move. The only way that I can see this not being a net lose for *Linden* (it is obviously a huge lose for Residents) is if they are going to get out of the software business and just be the hosting provider.
  2. Some observations: the wiki function template compiles. the portal prims with the teleport script also have a LM asset. there is a new constant PERMISSION_TELEPORT with the value 4096. Requesting the perm always fails (returns 0 to and never results in a popup. the LR portals aren't group deeded and aren't owned by the land owner. the teleport function of the hud seems to work anywhere - there is a known bug with it that if you TP away, the game hud will TP you into the sky of whatever sim you are in until it detaches itself. Still no dice on getting it to actually work for me, though. :matte-motes-crying:
  3. Nice commercial (or skybox) space near multiple long-term businesses. Can remain hooked into walkways. Will consider selling you additional space if you need more room or prim. Make me an offer! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hennepin/81/225/109
  4. Perfect for sailors, this is a 2048 lot at the western edge of Camembert. It adjoins a navigable Linden waterway and two navigable protected ocean sims are less than 1 sim away. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camembert/32/80/17 Make me an offer, will leave/rez skybox if you want.
  5. Better than a Linden Home for someone who likes to sail. This lot is at the NW corner of Camember, next to a Linden navigable waterway and diagonal from protected ocean with another ocean one sim south. Make me an offer, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Camembert/12/246/11
  6. Ciaran Laval wrote: I can't even install it, I get a message that a certain file couldn't be opened for writing. In my experience, this is often due to an SLPlugin or SLVoice that kept running even though your viewers are shut down... IIRC the file in question is zlib1.dll
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