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  1. I'm getting offlines saying half my home's now back in my inventory... Yay!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a para-RP sim with a kinky edge that has good traffic UK times. Not Gor or anything that requires reading pages and pages of backstory and prep before jumping in. Modern, Victorian, Cthulhuesque, Sci-Fi all good. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  3. I've downloaded and had a play with the Dolphin 3 viewer and it's fab! Can run higher graphics. The sea and sky are pretty again and I can run around without hitting walls and lagging out. It's Viewer 2 but I guess I'm just going to have to get used to that. Big thanks everyone with special kudos to Void
  4. Thanks Void, I'll have a look at those two viewers. I remember using Cool a long while ago before Huang stopped making a mac version. Dolphin looks promising.
  5. Hi Madelaine, Thanks for your reply. The main problem is the speed things rez and also if I set the graphics to what I'd call a decent level I get too much lag. I've given my old mac a clean though, thanks for the reminder!
  6. Hi Sylvia, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I don't have any spare money for any upgrades at the moment.
  7. @Iellel The main problem is the time it takes to rez textures (including sculpted textures/shapes). Sometimes they don't rez at all. In addition it's disappointing not to be able to run SL so that it looks pretty. With the settings this low it's all flat and lifeless. I can run SL, it's just I'd like to improve the graphics if I can. For me a lot of enjoyment came from the visual environment and when it looks like this a lot of the appeal is lost.
  8. Hi Iellel, The mac was bought in 2007 but I guess that doesn't mean it's not a 2006 model. More info...  Model Identifier:iMac5,1 Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed:2.16 GHz Number Of Processors:1 Total Number Of Cores:2 L2 Cache:4 MB Memory:2 GB Chipset Model:ATY,RadeonX1600 Type:GPU Bus:PCIe PCIe Lane Width:x16 VRAM (Total):256 MB Vendor:ATI (0x1002) Device ID:0x71c5 Revision ID:0x0000 ROM Revision:113-xxxxxx-139 EFI Driver Version:01.00.139 Displays: iMac: Resolution:1680 x 1050
  9. Hi Valerie, Thanks for you reply. I meant Firestorm when I put Pheonix before, my bad. Currently running Firestorm Beta Mesh but the graphics are really strugging.
  10. I'm coming up to my 5th anniversary in Second Life and unfortunately so is my computer. When windlight was released I could run everything on full graphics but now I can't rez even on low. Sadly my SL experience has steadily worsened over the years to the point where It's so bad I rarely log in anymore. A new computer isn't an option but I was wondering if maybe a new viewer might help? I was using the latest Pheonix and that's pretty horrible for me graphic wise, even on "low" with everything turned right down I couldn't rez my own face! I've tried Viewer 2 but, as an oldie, I have
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