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  1. Thank you everyone for answering! It seems to work fine for me now! I was afraid the issue was coming from me , but i suppose not! Have fun!
  2. Hello and thank you for reading! Since today, i cannot seem to log on this account. I logged on a few times but it disconnect me a few minutes later and when i attempt to teleport in another sim, it crash me in the tp as well. I'm not sure why this is happening. Also when it finally allow me to log on (which is very rarely), it is all messed up. The groups are gone sometimes, the friendlist isn't right,the inventory empty. Things like that. I attempted to log on an alt and it allowed me once. But even then, the groups were gone and when i opened the official Firestorm Viewer help chat (i use firestorm), it would not let me write my issue in it. What's happening? Did it happen to anyone else? It just says logging on... And nothing happens. I also tried to log on a chat viewer, wouldn't let me either. Note that i don't believe it to come from my internet, it seems fine other than SL. Today at least! Thanks!
  3. Hello, I've now been looking for a custom mesh head for months. Sadly, i couldn't find any talented creators that would accept a custom work. I myself tried zbrush and Blender to attempt to make my own, but it was sadly awful. Please. If you know a talented creator able to make a mesh head (non-human skin color), post their names below! That would be a very nice christmaspresent! :matte-motes-big-grin: Thanks for reading! And forgive me for my english. - In the hope to receive positive answers. Nev'la.
  4. Yes! That's what i'm talking about! How does it work
  5. Thanks for reply! But i think it was something else, i do'nt remember though! It was not on the viewer it was on nvidia option?
  6. Hey everyone. I have a quick and simple question. I heard about something, an option. Rather difficult to explain as english is not my main language, but it was something that would allow you to let for example your FPS stuck at 60. Even if your PC can give more than that. How do i find this option, how does it work? Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone. I have a quick and simple question. I heard about something, an option. Rather difficult to explain as english is not my main language, but it was something that would allow you to let for example your FPS stuck at 60. Even if your PC can give more than that. How do i find this option, how does it work? Thanks.
  8. You are right! But i checked every options and couldn't find! Something is wrong, for sure. I'd appreciate any help.
  9. There is no such option on Singularity, at least i do not think so.
  10. Hello, sorry for the question. I am not sure if it's the right place to ask about the Singularity Viewer, but oh well. I finally got a new computer with windows 7. I like to fight on second life in a roleplay, i use letters to do so. Sadly, i cannot move with the letters on Singularity Viewer, anymore. I was able to do it yesterday on my old computer. I do not know what is wrong. Anyone can help? [I tried viewer 2 and it worked. but i like Singularity to fight.] Thanks.
  11. Hm, you know lag is not the issue actually. Sorry english is not my main language so i don't really know how to explain this correctly. I will try though. The screen freeze every 20-30secondes. The viewer become all white and i cannot do anything but wait or log off. It's annoying, i don't have this usually. So i don't understand. The graphics are actually low, everything is low. I have better graphics, for sure. But it keep doing that, i can't play correctly. Do you know why this is doing that, and how i could potentially fix it?
  12. Hm. Alright. So basically, once it's done i simply need to check the graphics and make sure they are not in high settings. @Alicia : Hm. So do you have an idea to stop the lag?
  13. Hello. I tried to update my graphic card drivers. A lot of people said it would help, and that i would probably lag less. So i did it. I found the latest driver of my graphic card and went on SL after restarting the computer. The graphics were much better, i have to agree. I could see the "glowing" effects on objects, normally i couldn't. The problem is, the lag. It's just horrible, the screen freeze everything 30secondes. Normally i have low FPS, but i can still move without problems. Any ideas why i lag even more after the driver update?
  14. Thanks for your answers. ! I wasn't sure if it was possible or not.. But apparently it is, which is very sad. There is people training hard to be good in combats.. And someone simply come and use such things to ruin everything. A true shame.
  15. Interesting ! Any names ? :womanhappy:
  16. Thanks for the answers. So my english is not really good ( Not my main language ). But i understand it's possible to aim bot in SL.. Right ? • A bit sad, if you want my opinion. Using these things ruin the fun for the other ones fighting. Wish there is a way to catch them, and ban them of the sim. I need a proof.. Otherwise, can't do... You know.
  17. Well hello.. I have some questions about " Aim bot " with guns.. Or even melee. I'm indeed in a roleplay and i believe some people are using this. I would like to know what's exactly aimbotting. How does it works, and if it's possible to catch someone using it. I do hope someone could finally answer at my question. Happy new year. - Eva-
  18. Thanks you for the reply. • He's actually using Second life Viewer 3. It's just me that took a picture of the picture to make it bigger. • I believe he tried on others accounts and he had the same issue. • He tried many things, others viewers..Clean cache, change skin, reset his character appreance..etc. • He didn't tried to clean the cache manually. I might ask him to try this.
  19. Well hello there. My friend..We shall call him X. Have a issue with his avatar since some days, he's too shy to post himself. So well.. His avatar his very weird, it seem like he isn't wearing skin at all. Here is what happens when he enter in appearence mode : [ The image is very big, i don't know how to put it smaller..But well! ] Please help for the problem.
  20. Oh, it's seem a bit complicated..
  21. Alright thanks. Do you know what other 3D website would allow to upload on SL ?
  22. Well hello there. I would like to know if it's possible to bring Daz3D things on Second life/mesh. I really like some outfit like : http://www-cache.daz3d.com/store/item_file/9388/med_popup_1.jpg .. A friend tried to bring it for me but failed, anyone can explain ?
  23. Hi there, you sexy thing. I just started to create things on photoshop. I just created a poster, when i try to upload it on Second life ( JPEG ) the image is all black. I believe, it's too big. So, it will sound a bit noob from me but well. When you open a new white page on photoshop cs5. And must decide of the " pixels " What do i have to write ?
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