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  1. Hi, I'm Helfirz Hammerer (Nomad). Please take a minute to read this thread. It concerns SL, Raspberry Pi, and a GPL project.

    With the growing number of Raspberry Pi computers around the world, the gaming community is exploding. Yet i have found no second life viewers capable of running on a Pi. Second Life should be able to run on a B+ after some tweaking. There are countless brilliant residents in this community; let's bring educational programming back to SL.

  2. I am an experienced 3D modeler and have example projects to show such as my RL house, drawn to scale and spec with all infrastructure. I normally do not consider working in games; however i love second life and need a method to afford it. I am a bargain, costing barely more than materials upload. I will typically draw models to spec from paperspace or real life, even pictures. You will be surprised by the quality of model and the low cost. Some projects I will participate in for free, depending on nature. I am always looking to better the community and common knowledge. I will always work on GPL projects for free.

    Please contact me, Helfirz Hammerer, ingame or send an email to kbirch3006@gmx.us 

    here are some screenshots of my work. one is of a real, pre-existing house drafted to scale. most detail and geometry removed for client safety. the other was a project for a custom futuristic car in a game, however unfinished.




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