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  1. Ladies and gentlemen I am happy to present to you a wonder from Second Life. ✩✩[ The Monarchs ]✩✩ proudly presents ~* WORLD OF WONDERS! *~ Sim build ---- Royal Shippe Choreographers ---- Babypea Von Phoenix Filomena Quinnell Melina Aurotharius Royal Shippe Dancers ---- Beebs Carfield Diamonte Thomas EvAngelinstar Fukuju Amaterasu Kyshra Rhiadra Maxtor Frisk SoCo Magic Stokemy Swordthain Web Sass Video ---- SL4Live-TV Petina Auer
  2. The Sacred Heart Church A masterpiece of humanity. It's a place of peace and pray. Weddings, baptisms and funerals are offered. Find in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maliza/84/249/2520
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm very happy and flattered to present you the last magnificent show by ✩✩[ The Monarchs ]✩✩ presents ♫ Fantasia Obscura ♫ Please enjoy this masterpiece with me and share this video to spread the creativity of SL.
  4. Here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SL4LiveTV Meanwhile specializing in live streams to Youtube and Facebook. Twitch is unfortunately prohibited for SL users. Feel free to join my channel. With best regards, your SL4Live-TV team
  5. The SL16B is over and we are already looking forward to the SL17B. If you want to see again what has happened, here again all live video streams together in a playlist. There are 52 videos in total. With best regards, your SL4Live-TV team
  6. Hello everyone, for all who could not attend the JulyFest, here is the live recording again. Bellisseria JulyFest boats parade: The videos are uncut since they were recorded live. The video Bellisseria JulyFest party area, was locked the last days due to copie right of the music. I apologize for the bad movie quality, it was very much lag on the sim. With best regards, your SL4Live-TV team
  7. You have both made very nice videos. So there are still people who make the SL videos and are a bit crativ. 😉 Here are some examples from me. I have to make something new 😂
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