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  1. It simply annoys me, when I see a jelly doll where I could see an avatar. Therefore I leave it at “No Limit” and risk a griefer kicking me out. Didn’t happen to me for quite a while, maybe as well because the sims I am in are “moderated”. Anyone knows where the value is located in the ini files? Maybe there is a way to change the value by editing those?
  2. @LittleMe Jewell You are right, it’s of course 350k. And yes, I think about 500k (my card can) and the slider is clumsy, so I’d like to see something like the performance slider with snap points, at like let’s say every 50k, starting at 100k or 200k — in Firestorm that is.
  3. Agreed. The slider works like stepping the pedal in a dragster with ski boots. Plus it cuts off at 30k when I would want 40 or 50. So if your gpu could handle more, you just want griefer protection, that’s not working.
  4. @Penny Patton IMHO your arguments are falling in some way in the same category as mine. Although with a different pretext. What I say is, that LL will have to enforce caps on avis sooner or later. Because creators will just use what’s possible (if it makes sense or not), average users will buy what’s looking good (not minding technicallities), and the result will be an exklusive club of people with expensive hardware (at some point). At least if you a) want the full experience or b) don’t know better and frustratedly quit SL before going into the technicalities. It’s not if you want to use those tools so much. It’s a) if you know how to use them (for the SL beginner) and/or b) if you want it all and don’t wanna limit your experience. You see I get frame rates of 40+ on ultra practically everywhere with my rig. But not everyone is crazy enough to spend as much. Please understand I don’t complain, I just think that LL should keep SL open for (non-technical) users with older/weaker hardware. For the sake of their own economy and for the reason of having as much people online to communicate with as possible.
  5. No one needs 50-60 FPS, but below 10 doesn’t make sense. Then I rather use AOL Messanger. Oh wait, that was retired today. Same for Jellydolls. Again, I sure know that, d’uh. But what sense does it make to use a chat software with an elaborate GUI, if I dismiss that GUI? Plus a good part of the economy of SL rests on people buying “stuff”. And about the 1024 Bit door knobs and whatnot. Users will always use the possibilities you give them, to the full extent. And lastly, every club event is filled with avis. Why else be there? One thing is the music and else everyone “dresses” for the occasion. And the sex sims as well, oh sure no one was ever there, not even with an alt. On a different note, I don’t use lucky chairs. They are a waste of time. Most of the things in SL you can buy for less then what’s a decent burger. Oh and, please don’t tell me that I have to shift my thinking. Everyone is in SL for their own reason.
  6. Don’t wanna be mean or mock you, but I an empty sim with a little light snow that’s easy. Gotta pull the breaks at 60 FPS. But how about a crowded sim? With dozens of fully laden avatars and noumerous billboards and scripted items around? That’s where I only get to 40-50 FPS and with my old hardware at like... 10-ish? That’s SL experience, right? Not two people in a low lag sim.
  7. Not sure why there is no way to optimize SL as I am not a programmer. What I can say is, that Firestorm x64 is pulling on your hardware. An AMD Phenom II, 8 GB RAM and a 750 Ti did not cut it. Now with my new rig, much better. But we are talking about 8700K, 32 GB at 3 GHz, M.2 SSD, and a GTX 1080 Ti. That’s unnecessary. When I started SL nearly a decade ago, the thing ran on an average laptop. With the greed for more and more detail, SL will run into the issue of being an elitist world. The hardware hunger locks potential participants and thus customers out.
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