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  1. I have a large Mainland parcel that is 32208 square meters in size and supports 11057 Prims. it is partially boarded by a strip of protected land to the East. And one of the Second Life Oceans to the South. Truly a prime Piece of land I am entertaining offers for this land. Please, only contact me with serious offers. All questions on this parcel are welcome. Tier is due on Feb 5th. I would like for this to be completed by then. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/falcata/125/170/30/ Please contact me with questions or offers. Thanks Yikes Daxter
  2. I have a property for sale that matches your needs. I sent a note card to you in game. My Sim for sale is due for tier on the 22nd. Please contact me soon if you are truly interested in it. Thanks Yikes
  3. Full Sim for sale Full Transfer. Its part of a five sim Region. You can move it and rename it. If you want to keep it attached we can discuss it. http://slurl.com/secondlife/zoso//// The tier is due May 22nd. I will entertain any reasonable offer for it. I will not be renewing it and would hate to return it to LL and get nothing for it. If interested drop me a Notecare in game or email me at Yikes_1232@yahoo.com Thanks Yikes Daxter
  4. Private Sim For Sale Full Transfer $500 USD or best offer. Tier Date is May 22nd Please, only serious offers. Contact me with a Notecard in game or email me at Yikes_1232@yahoo.com
  5. I have 2 full sims with rental land available on both. I am looking for a good, hard working broker to get my sims fully rented. I will pay fair commissions but I want results. Please IM me or Notecard me in game with your credentials and terms. If you have no terms, lets talk and see if we can do business. I do not want any Wannabe's or Dreamers.... I want results... Thanks
  6. You guys are wasting your time on this posting. My advice, is let the buyer beware. This guy (Yes, Alison is a guy) tied up 10 days of my time. He was short and abrupt and impatient. I had questions and concerns at at time when he disappeard for 5 of the 10 days I wasted on this property. He blamed 6 days worth of storms and tornado's for his absense when I saw no weather reports nationally that anyone had that many Tornado's. Its a wonder he didnt have a Tsunami or and earthquake. This property is loaded with Renters which he precollected rents on and had (has) no intentions of giving to the new buyer. Once we came to terms on a price and posted proper support tickets to sell to me, He continued to bring in new renters and precollect those rents as well. After his 5 day absense, he finally answered serveral emails of mine and accused me of bad behavior and bad attitude. When I insisted that either he pass along prepsid rents, I suggested that no rents would be honored if I did not get that money. It was then that Mr Alison Pulled his support ticket to sell to me and all I ended up with was ten days of wasted time. Long story short... Be careful with this one. Yikes
  7. Thanks for all this great advice... Its good to have some direction.
  8. I am new to the Land Buying portion of Second Life. I was wondering if there are other areas where people go to buy or sell their land. Is this forum the best place to check out? It seems slow here. Surely residents of Second Life are selling more than full sims than what gets posted here in the course of a week. Are there any other ares to check out? Web Sites? Other forums? Classified's? Any available information would be appreciated. I am interested in a Full Sim to fully Transfer and move. And once moved, I will be interested in renting it to interested party's at fair prices. Thanks again for any input. YIKES
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