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  1. I just lost my entire script for a new animation stand with split vendor profits, notecard configs, and everything. During the last script save to complete the testing, and just about ready to package it up for distribution, the script went missing from the database. Just my freakin luck with SL, all day, every day. Does anything ever really work right? Unreliability is what you need to prepare for EVERY TIME when you are in SL or it will cost you like it did me and so many other users. Good luck, your on your own.
  2. Furthermore, I have had a full answer here from an administrator (*not a solution), and twice they have updated the answer, and then eventually removed the response all together. Meaning that this is a topic that requires further attention if the admins can't even think of a proper answer/solution. All anyone can think of is, "you should have had some 3rd party help". But doesn't that defeat the idea that Linden Labs should already have these types of issues sorted out after 10 YEARS? And doesn't that mean that people like me get screwed for not having learned this lesson the easy way? YES it does. Again, this is why Linden Labs should consider using Virtual Landmarks as the solution, and I am surprised that they didn't do that a LONG TIME AGO!
  3. Because I would have to have ALL of my customers in the group for this to be completely effective. And since I have never had a big group following (not usually necessary), I do not have a way to send all of my customers such a note card. Furthermore, using HippoGROUPS or any other 3rd party program would require that all of my products be stored and managed on Hippo software. I do not use this laggy software such as Caspervend or Hippo. IF I used a vendor system, then all 700 items in my store would have yet another script constantly communicating with an outside web service....LAG! No thank you.
  4. It all comes down to the ability to make a profit. Without that, most of of the content that is generated in SL would suck. Real professionals bring valuable changes to the way products are developed in SL; they raise the bar. The driving force that brings the real professionals into SL is the potential to make real money. Now, as most people have discovered, there are a lot of big dreamers out there that want to make money, and try real hard, but don't. This also helps contribute to the positive evolution of SL, even if there is no profit in it. But if there were not people that actually made a living wage as an example to the rest of us, then most of these dreamers wouldn't even exist because the dream usually involves making money. If there was no money to be made, there would be no dream. Even if there are those people that simply cash out and 'leech' off of SL, they are necessary as an inspiration to 'most' of us. We have to know that it is possible to make that kind of money. And also, it would be impossible for some of us to spend all of the money earned within SL unless we simply wanted to waste the money on things we dont need. I can already make anything I want (script, mesh, mocap, particles, games, avatars, ....), or I have already purchased everything that I need. The only thing left for me to do is to simply donate it all. But I can bet that every single person reading this would cash out if they were making more than $100 above tier each month. In conclusion, I do cash out most of the money I earn, but I have been putting about $150 a month into SL for 4 years on tier, plus the small percentages on every item that sells goes to LL. -Drake Faudeburgh Have Fun Creating!
  5. I placed this question in the abuse/griefing section because I feel like this situation fits here. Solace Beach Estates recently forced me to move to a new location because they needed to close/sell the current SIM. After moving only three days ago, the SIM was sold to Folsom Estates. The Folsom Estates joined a few SIMs together in the same global location. Now, all of my old landmarks are redirecting to this new adult location. I have sold over 25 thousand items (many of them freebies) over the past 2 years. Each product has a notecard with an embedded LM and a LM in the box. Each product is also displayed in my store with a LM in both locations as well. That means I have 4 locations per item to update. Because I have 700 items, this means I have 2,800 LM to udate. This will take me at least a week to complete with my schedule. Until then, every product I sell will send my customers (possibly children) to this new adult location, Folsom Estates. Also, all 25 thousand products that were already sold have littered my customers inventory with these adult-redirected-landmarks. I have contacted the new SIM owner, who has only had the SIM for 1 day, and asked if it is possible to move the SIM, since they just moved them anyways, and the answer was a very rude NO. I believe that they intend to take advantage of the situation to prey on my 4 years of generated customers. Is there any way to resolve this issue? Can I plug the data into some kind of Virtual Landmark to force a redirect on the ones with my store name? Will Linden Labs make them move the SIM now that it is rated Adult and is conflicting with my customers? Probably not, but I thought that Adult regions needed to be on the Adult island... Any help would be appreciated. UPDATE: I would gladly pay that $150 USD to move that SIM. I will lose more than that from lost and redirected customers. This is exactly why the Virtual Landmark is something that LL should implement as a landmark replacement. Then I could manage them online and redirect them to my new location without even openening a single product or notecard. And all of my landmarks would be updated in my customer inventory.
  6. But basically, I have tried resyncing magic boxes, and all that does is fill up the unassociated folder. I have tried resending the Merchant Outbox with all the items, even after syncing with the magic boxes. The only thing I have not done, is to completely start over. They should never have FORCED the user to import the items themselves. Why couldn't SL have simply imported my items for me on the back end? The magic box clearly has all of my items in it. The Marketplace clearly has listings connected to them. So, for all listings connected to a Magic Box, auto import for the user... But instead, they leave it up to a million users to manually switch everything to the new system themselves. No wonder there are so many problems. At this point, if I am forced to manually relist every single one of my items, I may simply give up and leave. Kisses years of work goodbye because of years of continual 'back end' related issues.
  7. One of the issues is that the 'Unassociated' folder can only have 100 items in it. Once over that limit, you can not add anymore items to the unassociated folder until some have been removed. So, when I try to remedy the situation by syncing a magic box, or by attempting to resend my items through the merchant outbox, the unassociated section gets too full and all progress stops. The only solution I can think of now it to manually go through every single item, remove, and relist. But with at least 400 items left to re-list...this is going to take forever.
  8. I have hundreds of items. They were all in magic boxes when Direct Delivery took over and so all of the listings were taken down. I have completely followed all instructions for updating to the new Direct Delivery system, but hundreds of my listings did not automatically get listed (only 264 of almost 700 items automatically listed themselves). The remaining products (the unlisted ones) have a grayed-out checkbox in the merchant items page and when I edit the item, I can not click to make the products 'active' (the 'active' checkbox is grayed-out). Everything about the listing looks correct, all required fields are filled out. The correct object is associated with the listing. I have tried using the Merchant Outbox to send a new copy of the product to the Marketplace. The product goes into the 'unassociated' section. Next I attempt to update the product by selecting the unassociated item as the object. This has no effect on my ability to make the listing active. Any help would be appreciated as I am losing many many sales.
  9. In response @ Pamela Galli: to your idea that LL does not care if I pull my items and leave: YOU ARE WRONG Imagine if a trend started and everyone started moving to cloudparty (which is very possible soon). Now 'we and LL' make no more money (or not enough to make it worth our while). And with SL already hurting bad, they don't want to continue bleeding the actual money-making clients like myself. If I were just another resident that does not contribute (possibly the way you feel), then you might be just a tiny bit right about them not caring that people leave, although I doubt it. There is not a single business in the entire planet that doesn't care if they lose clients unless they are a failing business. I don't know where you get your ideas from, but they make no sense at all. Take a business class or two. I absolutely agree with just about everyone else on this forum topic except for you; the money transfer should be instant for premium accounts that are already verified, otherwise it's not worth having a premium account (the exact reason I have NEVER signed up as a premium member, because there is no real incentive). I see no reason why the processing time shouldn't be changed unless LL earns interest on the money that they are holding and thus it may be more profitable in the short term for them to take thier time processing withdrawls. And the fact that you say "Are you talking to us???" is not a real question at all because simply reading my post would have been the answer, unless you lack basic perception. Question: "Regardless, the hard truth is that I don't think either we or LL have any particular interest in whether you take your business to Cloud Party. I mean, do you really care if I take my business to Cloud Party? " Answer: NO, your products are of no interest to me nor is your sarcastic and uneducated opinion. But the real hard truth is that LL does have interest in people flocking over to cloudparty: Here are only 3 out of hundreds of links I found that point to relevant blogs (as a reference to what I am talking about). Next time, do some research before you attempt to belittle other members. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2012/06/cloud-party-second-life.html http://sociallymundane.com/post/25852086211/attn-second-life-youve-been-served-kind-regards http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2012/06/second-life-losing-10-private-land.html P.S. I HIGHLY doubt that any staff member of LL would ever tell a customer that they do not care about their business unless that customer was costing them money or causing problems.
  10. WHERES MY MONEY! Actually, now it has been 10 days and my funds are still processing....this is absolutely rediculous and it makes me want to pull my entire account from SL. Go ahead, look at my sim and my products and my sales. I have spent a lot of real time and real money building this business over the last couple of years and I expect it to work like a real business. Stop holding my money to earn interrest on it and give it to me or I will move everything to cloudparty and you wont get another dime out of me. And if the fact that I am NOT a premium user is the reason that I wait longer, then I will be even more upset because I earn you guys more money than MOST subscribers. Even the IRS processed my tax return faster than I can remove money from SL...rediculous. I demand my money MUCH sooner! 3 days should be the max, even for a non-premium member, and a premium member should get the money instantly.
  11. Yeah, it has been 8 days in 'processing' since I set up a withdrawl to paypal. The problem is that I usually try to withdrawl as soon as I realize I need the money, but by the time I actually get it I don't need it anymore! Why isn't this already a premium feature?? You would think after 8 years they could make this process a little less painful.
  12. I am fairly new (only a bit more than 2 years) and I have seen some decline in some areas, and some increase in others. True the In-World sales are not amazing, but it can be more convenient to shop on the market. Some new users also realize this and still spend the same money (if not more) on the Marketplace. I think that is why the Marketplace got a massive face-lift anyways...but maybe I'm wrong... I believe that mass negativity is only going to promote more negativity. I do agree that some important issues need to be discussed, but reading all of these horrible stories about how everyone is afraid of what second life's economy is doing, makes me wonder if any of these people actually enjoy being in second life themselves? or are these only Merchants that are sad because In-World sales are down? It's Streamline Baby! High Speed Internetting, Microwave Minute, Freeway Driving Madness and everyone wants it all in half a second! That's why we go to the Marketplace LOL! Why don't we make comments about how we can work together to help out, or what can I do as a Merchant to make things fun for my customers so that they will want to stay in my parcel/SIM. "Even though it takes longer to shop in-world, I love to visit that place!" Second Life cannot keep a customer in your store, it is up to you. If users are not interrested in SL because there is nothing to do, then we have all failed as the content creators. After all, this is supposed to be a user created world...only as great as our own potential. I have noticed that many content creators love to build and play for awhile, but when it becomes work...then it isn't fullfilling the dream anymore, and so the product reflects that. When you find a creator that is Not driven to build products only for money, but instead that creator is enjoying themselves and sharing the experience with the customer (interracts), then the customer also enjoys themselves. When the customer has a good time, they come back, and you make a sale. P.S. if every comment in here was positive, then a new user searching this forum would see that.....instead of what I saw... - Have Fun Creating! - Drake Faudeburgh
  13. This is an example of what happened to me: This buyer is another Merchant with competing items (Games) and obvious 'gamed reviews' on many overpriced items (example: multiple 5 star ratings on the same day). That merchant came to my store and purchased 3 competing items (Games). The buyer (Merchant) contacted me about 1 hour after the purchases and I responded within 1 minute of the first message (according to the message logs). I ask if there was a problem with one of the items to which I get an answer, "SUX I want a refund". I politely gave this buyer a refund along with an apology for him/her disliking my items. The buyer thanks me for the refund. I then ask the buyer to contact me if there are any problems with the items (even though I gave a refund) and I thank this person for contacting me. Then the buyer left a 1 Star rating on all 3 of those items and said things like: "SUX Don't waste your money!" and "I contacted him 3 times and he logged off each time!" and "Broken, Doesn't work, should be free"......and so on..... I filed an abuse report In-Game (there is no abuse report system for the marketplace?) and I may never find resolve because I saw nothing to indicate there was help on the Marketplace for things like this nor that Ratings could even be removed by anyone but the buyer. Does LL remove ratings when they are malicious? (especially when they cost my business real money and are obvious attempts to defame/slander the competition). ...and if so, how long could I expect to wait until I see the changes?
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