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  1. Crimson clouds danced ever wary, o'vr the "Poe House" fun and scary. Now and through Halloween, come enjoy this poetic puzzle place in the Romantic Times region. 
  2. Here's a total immersion PG region designed around a popular sport. The region design provides numerous scenic viewpoints and detailed settings in context of sport of golf. Visitors play for free, and enjoy familiar sport at new level of realization. Golfers can play the 18-hole course alone or with friends or meet other golfers from around the world. You can quietly relax anywhere, or you can play golf with its well-known capacity to support reflection and friendships. The region is also ideal for WindLight photographers. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Romantic%20Times/24/165/21/ Visitors can also fly to neighbor region to north - Golf Aruba - to experience a second total immersion golf course modeled on the terrain of the island nation of Aruba. The free 18-hole course there is based on Tierra del Sol, the championship golf course at the northwest tip of RL Aruba.
  3. Hey Finrod, One way to explain SL is as a place that brings exciting new levels of realization to things you already enjoy in RL. For example, Green Acres Golf Course lets you enjoy the game of golf in a total immersion way. With SL physics, expert region design and WindLight settings golf games go to entirely new levels of realization. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Romantic%20Times/24/165/21/
  4. Hey Ariel, Here is a total immersion region with a great many carefully designed viewpoints as well as detailed locations that are ideal for photographers. WindLight settings give magical views here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Romantic%20Times/24/165/21/ The Romantic Times region is PG and designed as complete golf course reflective of world's classic golf courses such as Pebble Beach in CA, Augusta in GA and St Andrews in Scotland. The course is open to public and free to play with free clubs and HUD given at first tee box.
  5. Hey Lucia...here's another destination to consider. This is a total immersion region with a popular shared activity that builds a community. Green Acres Golf Course covers the Romantic Times [PG] region with 18 holes of free golf open to the public. It's a total immersion region that takes golf to a new level of realization. Use your WindLight settings to great effect in this region. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Romantic%20Times/24/165/21/
  6. Welcome to Second Life! Stop by for a round of golf at Green Acres Golf Course in the Romantic Times region. Happy to share what I know about designing regions that people enjoy.
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