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  1. JeanneAnne wrote: nt274 wrote: Jeanne A good starting point is Smyth's (2009 paper: 'Back to the Future: In Search of an Understanding of Crime and Punishment in Second Life'. (http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1416840) Thanks nt274 I could only read the abstract tho .. Not sure I would agree that ".. Second Life .. has provided new opportunities for crime because of its global reach, its relatively low cost, and the near perfect anonymity that it provides users." tho .. I guess that it depends on how "crime" is defined. If "crime" is anything thats against the law, then I guess that gambling & kiddie pron & IP "theft" & DOS hacks* .. are "crimes" . . but these are arbitrary things that dont necessarily hurt anyone .. I define crime as something that actually causes harm .. Nothing that happens in SL harms anyone .. No1 is ever killed or injured .. no real child is raped or abused .. "theft" is only of code .. not of physical objects .. if it happens @ all .. & the worst a hack does is forces ppl off their butts & in2 scary RL for awhile .. Since theres no way to actually cause harm to other in SL i dont feel like any crimes are ever committed there & hence theres no need for laws or rules .. Others will disagree uv course .. Thing is tho .. I dont want to rule or control or police any1 & i dont appreciate any attempts 2 rule, control or police me .. So leave me alone in SL please !! Jeanne *btw .. is the rumor true that yesterdays trubble was caused by a DOS attack? Thats the rumor iv seen going around .. Someone in FB said that SL & WoW were both down due to hacks .. Eny1 know if its true ??? You seriously saying child porn isnt a crime and causes no harm? What is your experiance or facts for saying such a thing?
  2. Fashion Dog thinks 'Blue fatigues with pink bag? Nuh uh!'
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