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  1. ahh great I thought I had the 64 but after redownloading I did only have the 32. Thank you so much did not know that would make the difference either. I just ran around a few packed events and no crashes. thanks
  2. So I updated to a new computer which is faster, better video card, etc and SL has been running much better in terms of lag, video quality etc EXCEPT now I am getting random texture errors I never got before and SL just closes. I have tried both Firestorm and Default SL viewer latest updates. El Capitan running on iMac Retina 5K, 27-in | 4Ghz Core i7 | 32gb memory | Radeon R9 M395X 4096MB This updated from a 3yr old iMac w/ only 2mb video ram I don't get any error log - the viewers just close unexpectantly - I dont even get lag etc. The only times I have some warning are when I get a message at
  3. I had that same error "Frame load interrupted by policy change"....and now...I cant view my profile or anyones in the viewer only in Safari...and so I can't change my privacy options...this is really annoying...now profiles is completely broke inside the viewer....I get "SSL handshake failed" and the url is "about:blank" it doesnt even come up with the url for the profiles.... and their help is really helpful search profiles and you get an explanation showing viewer 1 screen shots...yooohoo thats helpful
  4. ...sigh...whay change the inworld way we look at profiles...why not ust use that info to add to dashboard...because as o right now...it doesnt work! I get SSL handshake failed for every profile...not useful especially when the upgrade screwed up my all sim security system and cant find the damn help group because i cant see the makers profile!! thanks LL for breaking another feature that worked fine
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