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  1. So I want to host a video watching party at my place and I noticed if I stream the video to a prim, if multiple people come in at different times, we all wont be at the same spot in the video. So I assume the best way for everyone to be at the same spot in the video no matter what time they come in is by using the Parcel media url. Is there a way to script so that it auto switches to different videos from a list after one video is done? Also, will it ask the user each time a video is switched, to click allow media?
  2. Wassup yall! Many may know that I play live blues in SL, and after playing at numerous venues, I decided I needed a home, so I created Deja Bluez. My goal is to have multiple events throughout the week including live VJ, Watch Parties and myself playing live shows. So I am doing the grand opening tonight at 7 PM with a live show. Come on down and check out the newest blues club in SL, Deja Bluez! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Born%20East/41/162/30 https://www.dabluezpreacher.com
  3. As some may know, I have taken a hiatus from playing in Second Life as my new house was being built. It is now complete and I am in and ready to return to bring yall some high energy electric blues. I am doing a "Shake off the cobwebs" show tomorrow at Higher Grounds Music at 6pm SLT. Come on down and get your six string therapy courtesy of Da Bluez Preacher and his guitar Wilma! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vectra/185/76/21 https://www.dabluezpreacher.com
  4. Da Bluez Preacher live tonight at 8 PM! In the distance you hear the slight hum of an amplifier powering up, and smell the smoke from a blues guitar named Wilma. Da Bluez Preacher straps Wilma to his waist, careful to not let the burning embers touch his skin. His guitar starts shaking in his hands..aching to rip some hot electric bluez that will send the Grid into a frenzy! Ol' Skool Fusion says "Cmon down playa and let that beast off her chain to deliver the best electric bluez this side of Linden Land" Come on and get your siz string therapy live at 8 PM! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl
  5. Da Bluez Preacher live tonight at 6 PM! I can hear in the distance, some sweet guitar stringing of hot blues coming from Hot Lanta! It must be my guitar Wilma bringing the fiery thunder of the electrified stringdom of the highest bluez order. If yall want some six string therapy from the one schooled in Guitarology, then come on down to the 11 year strong Hot 'Lanta blues club for some good bluez rocking! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Northfarthing/60/219/601 https://www.dabluezpreacher.com
  6. Facebook live does not stream to shared media apparently due to their reliance on flash instead of html5 and not allowing embedded mp4.
  7. Dabluezpreacher live at 7! Its time to put a little rocking in your stocking as me and my guitar Wilma give you a little yuletide six string therapy! Ill be stopping by Ann's Ballroom to play some christmas thats a little right of Nat King Cole and a little left of http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faulconbridge/198/177/692
  8. Dabluezpreacher live at 6! Its Christmas time baby, and the Preacherman is doing his yearly Rocking in a WInter Wonderland tour! We take the christmas songs that we all know and love, and well go a little south of Nat King Cole and a little right of Metallica! Its time to put a little rocking in your stocking and come on down to Prim River to hear some Christmas Preacher style! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prim River/47/230/3611
  9. I will be playing a live christmas rock show at Dublin's Blarney Stone Dec 14th 8 am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dublin/83/82/25 More of my shows can be seen at http://www.dabluezpreacher.com
  10. srv4u conacher, aka Da Bluez Preacher, will be playing a show at After Dark (SLURL to follow before show) at 5 pm SLT. I am doing my annual Rocking in a Winter Wonderland Christmas Tour 2019 where I take some Christmas favorites and put some rocking six string therapy to them! A little right of Nat King Cole and a little left of Metallica... More info, shows, music and videos can be found at http://www.dabluezpreacher.com
  11. Thanks for the info, ill check those out
  12. I have played roleplaying games on the PC for a while, but I have never done full on roleplaying like they have here in Second life. I was intrigued by the cool looking sims of these roleplay worlds, but I havent the slightest clue on how to roleplay this way. Is there some site to learn the beginning steps to do Second Life roleplay. Im interested in cyberpunk, and was digging the Cocoon RP sim, but I had no idea what goes on. I understand its probably limited, as far as like combat and all that, but I have never played a dungeons and dragons type of roleplay before, so where would I go to le
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