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  1. well Celebreties are for me people that most of the folk would know who i am talking about when i say their name? some people .. like Toreley Linden, Onyx LeShelle or Strawberry Singh are some of them
  2. hello.. i made a dress with clothilde with cnurbs. And exported it as collada in .dae but when i try to upload it says that the upload failed because my model do not contain mesh.. what i do wrong? i am very new to meshes and sculpting so dont hit me for that :matte-motes-shocked:
  3. LOL.. you took the words off my mind! why changing something that already works? why dont working on things that dont do? (even V2 viewer is a bed idea anyway i think) please dont start all with asking why and its so cool. I just dont like the client. point
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