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  1. Here's a good read for those that are interested. Read the comments to the article http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/06/linden-lab-building-second-life-2.html
  2. They should go to a new platform, because the old one has gotten so bad that nothing works anymore. They probably ruined the whole thing by playing with their server rollouts. Back in the day things were much better
  3. My, aren't we judgemental, Typical of what this very post is about.
  4. I never thought this thread would go this far. This is a social network with amazing graphics, but alas, you can only get out of it, what you put into it. Then again, yes there are a lot of non social people out there. With that said, why go to a social network and be antisocial, LOL Beats the hell out of me. Would you go to Yahoo , be in a chat room, then not talk? There are a lot of alts out there. people that want to experiment, people that want to look and not play, there is no end to this. It always isn't what you want, it's what they want, simply, it's what two want Dont try so hard, or go to the local pub and have a few
  5. Oh, I wasn't aware it was a chat recorder, or was it?
  6. t just started working. Comcast ultra 100 package, just oddities with SL.
  7. I'm on a work network right now and that would be disasterous, LOL It's ok, prolly just gotten in trouble anyways, LOL
  8. As in Real Life, friends, true friends take quite a bit of time to find. Most people want to get their Jollies and get back to Real Life using SL as an Escape. Don't give up, they are out there, keep looking Serena
  9. No it's not, but then don't let people build. On the otherhand, if you have building shut off and they scripted your land it's a real problem
  10. I'm old fashioned I guess, Hate to change from the old days. I tried chome and got the same thing, firefox too. It will probably solve itself later. Thanks for responding
  11. Yeah, The guide. Amazing that I would have to use a different browser for that. OK I'll Try
  12. I've noticed for quite sometime now, that the Destinations don't load. All I get is that spinning wheel. Yes I have done all that cache stuff, pleeeeeeese don't remind me. Anybody have a solution? Serena
  13. There probably isn't any point posting to this, because I'm really here to state an opinion. I manage my friends lands, which represent a real life business amongst other things. That is our choice BTW. For the past several months, all we hear is talk about rolling restarts, server upgrades, and critical software issues. Almost everyday our sim is restarted as the frame rates drops to 0. Scripts fail and have to be restarted, building parts are missing, and my inventory changes like a night audit at a 600 room hotel. We pay a lot of money for this service. If you really think about it, would you like your cable or electric service company do this to you? Ok if it did, you call them, and they work on the problem. Linden has no one to talk to. I need to know, I really do. What are you doing to make the Second Life Experience better. Once upon a time you promised Sim owners 100,000 on the grid, we have never seen it. New CEOs come and go, and the economy in Second Life has vanished. There are no answers to these questions, other than the person who will tell me to clear cache. No I'm not leaving. We have been here for many years, and will fight till the end to make this place better. If a Linden reads this (right) then talk to us. Serena Cyberstar
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