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  1. I don't know if I had over 300 hours a month, but I certainly was in one of the heavier segments. Now I am only doing about 4 hours a week. Spending the time I used to spend in SL in another grid.
  2. I knew for years blind people can use computers well, in fact, there is Max, the virtual guide dog here in SL. There is a big learning curve to use him, and one has to learn and remember a LONG list of commands, but I obtained a free copy months ago and tried him out, and while it was a challenge to learn for a sighted person even, Max did work quite well. Doggie: I was referring to times my wife spent in Virtual Ability. She doesn't use Max, which is really obsolete technology anyhow. She uses Radegast, which doesn't rely on scripts that other people can turn off at whim. Too, Radegast
  3. Setting up house in SL means accessing a very particular, narrowly focused audience .... that in-between audience of not-exactly-gamers ... and only those that can afford all of the system requirements in order to access SL in any meaninful productive way. I must take personal exception to this. I am NOT in a little box that says "not-exactly-gamers". I play TF2 and Starcraft regularly. I was online the night World of Warcraft opened. I am also a homeschooler, a disability rights activist, a philanthropic scripter, and one of the leaders of an active social/sci-fi fandom group here in SL
  4. LL has been trying to leverage volunteer labor for a while. The Resident Help Networks, the Community Gateways, the Open Source projects: all of these were attempts to get people to volunteer their time to a for-profit corporation. All things considered, they were pretty successful at getting people to volunteer, but LL doesn't have a clue how to work with or manage volunteers. They routinely abuse them, in fact. So, now the Non-Profits are considering moves to other Grids. Some of those grids really need volunteers: Tech-Savvy people with a passion for virtual worlds who can make things w
  5. Many people join SL to interact with the Non-Profit and Education communities. And they go out and buy things. They join the economy. No, not all of them, but I have seen members of those communities shell out some pretty impressive amounts of $L. If those communities leave or migrate, the people who came here to interact with them will do likewise. Linden Lab is determined to kill the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. They are also lying to us, I believe. They keep saying the company is in good financial condition--but this flies in the face of that. The two statements cannot reconcile.
  6. I would ask for one more refinement of the name-changing deal: You can always, without paying and without time restrictions, revert to your "default" name, the one you started with. Example: As I understand it, my username will be talvin.muircastle, and my initial display name will be Talvin Muircastle. Let's treat that as a default. Say we are doing an event, and I change my name to "Igor Brainfetcher". This is a one-day event. I don't want to be Igor forever, I want to be Igor for that day. When the event is done, I can't go and change my name to "Jung Frankenstein": I need to wait a
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