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  1. An idea for Firestorm team - how about to make option so we can lock some folders in Inventory?Many times people are losing stuff beacuse folders can easily be trashed by accident.It would be nice to have a safe folder that cant be deleted, and to add in it some items we dont wanna lose.What do you think, folks?
  2. Happy birthday Second Life! I wish LL would update how Profiles of Residents look like. Since im playing SL ( 12 years ), profiles look the same, have same pages and options. How about give us options to choose color, font and texture of our profiles? Or to have option what we want to put on 1st page, what on last page. Now, when you open any profile, Partner box is what catches eye first. it gives impression that SL is only dating site, and thats not true. Many people are here for creativity and fun. Many would like to see something else on 1st page of profile. I think that any update, any change, any new option to create personal profile would be good. What do you guys think?
  3. This is great news! I hope ChouChou will stay with us ♥♥ Tnx Kira, Rikutojam and everyone else for your effort ♥
  4. Chouchou is in Second Life since 2007! Thats a big thing! I'm in Second Life almost 13 years and not many places impressed me as much as Memento Mori did. It's about build, about mood, about music, about idea, about art. As you probably heard - next month Chou Chou Sim might disappear from SL. I hope that wont happen. And I send my appeal to LL to keep and protect this art sim as part of our "virtual history". How much Chouchou means to SL community, you can see by the photos on Flickr ❤️
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