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  1. Hi, Since I renewed my windows plus drivers etc, I have a pixelated border around avatars, the whole world looks weird to be honest. Anyone ever had this problem and better yet knows how to get it better. I had the same problem when i bought this computer, but then a mentor helped me and it was fixed, that was 2 years ago so i forgot what I have to do. I had to do something in advanced or preference, I just forgot what. I'm on imprudence, but i have checked with all the viewers, and all have the same problem. My system thingy is this : CPU: Intel Pentium III/Pentium III Xeon (0.25 micron proce
  2. I have it, it wasn't even transparant, made it black and changed it from sphere in to a triangle that showed it. I think I made a oops with assigning points for answers, sorry about that. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you all. Going to try to get it, that should be a challenge. Glad i have that bug finder that shines were it is, so that allready helps, now the rest ;o) Thank you all.
  4. My friend accidently rezzed something from his inventory in my condo. The problem is that we can't find it anymore, well i know where it is but what ever I try I can't see it. Plus that I think it's a script and it's active. I have no idea what kind of script it is, my bug scanner only says this. #LSL<->Client Bridge v0.04 @ <8,46,29> (2m) See i know were it is I just can't see it not even with ctrl alt T Can anyone tell me what kind of script this is, I mean is it harmfull, and second of all is there a way to see it so I can remove it. With regards Sasja Fitzgerald
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