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  1. Its sometimes slow when you log in to a new place for the first time.. once you visit that place again everythings much quicker, or could be your PC
  2. I know a perfect place... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rati%20dAlliez/115/138/21 Such perfect sim
  3. I'm usually pretty careful but somehow someone got to me, I didn't notice until I went to withdraw my 450USD that I had made from my store and it had gone, I looked through my transaction history to find that somehow lindens had been brought with this money and then taken them from me, I got the guys name, he did this with 250,000 L$, the sums didn't add up because that was more that 450USD worth of lindens.. I checked my paypal.. and he had withdrawn the money I had from there too.. and also my bank account and also my credit card, all coming to just over $1000 worth. I've changed all my pass
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