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  1. sorry removing - wrong posting
  2. AHA! We figured out why this was happening on SHOUTcast boards, and to be transparent about things I wanted to reply one more time to let everyone know.. It seems that the IP number trying to fetch the information from the servers, belonging to Linden Lab) registers on a v2 server as a stream saver (aka potential ripper), believe it or not. One of our engineers had written a script where enough of these attempts by an IP number labeled this way ends up getting banned from the server: I have X'd out the IP protect Linden Lab 2020-02-03 07:14:00 INFO [DST XXX.XX.XX.XXX:24650] Stream savers not allowed IP Location United States Of America San Francisco Linden Lab ASN ASXXXXX LINDEN-LAB, US (registered Nov 20, 2007) Resolve Host sim10597.agni.lindenlab.com Whois Server whois.arin.net IP Address XXX.XX.XX.XXX NetRange: XXX.XX.X.X - XXX.XX.XX.XXX CIDR: XXX.XX.X.X/18 NetName: LINDEN NetHandle: NET-XXX-XX-X-X-X Parent: NET216 (NET-XXX-X-X-X-X) NetType: Direct Assignment OriginAS: ASXXXXX Organization: Linden Lab (LINDE-3) RegDate: 2008-02-04 Updated: 2012-02-24 Ref: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/ip/xxx.xx.x.x The way we had this setup, after X number of attempts from a "stream saver" to connect eventually lands that IP number as banned on the server. This was found out when the initial question came up and I had mentioned it to one of my engineers at the office. She found the issue and removed the banned, which is when the boards started working. I didn't know she had done that, because I wasn't in that office at the time, and that led me to beiieve the datacenter had not been honest with me. I made the decision the following day to have the script removed and allow SHOUTcast to do it's job without help from us. To those that had the issue with their boards, I apologize. Sometimes we make decisions that we feel are right, and they end up being the incorrect. I'm sure we've all been there. I never thought a Linden Lab IP number would be listed as a "Stream Saver". In the end, the boards should now work well. West Habercom digiSTREAM SHOUTcast Hosting Classic Rock 109 Classic Hits 109 (4 Radio Stations: 70s, 70s-90s, Country, Yacht Rock)
  3. If they are I havent noticed. M<y friends tried it added it to her board as a dj didnt work... then all of a sudden added it as a station and it worked. Unless datacenter, after my call did an "oops" (and weren't honest)?
  4. I am ahead of you. I asked if they have done any of that to any of our servers hosted with them. They say "no".
  5. I just asked a friend who is in-world to check for me. Both places they went to showed our radio station playing... both stations are on the same servers that our SL clients are on. The only different is, the SL clients are set to Private, and the radio station are set to Public. She took screen shots and sent to me - here they are.The boards are from Daffy Proto and SHX
  6. Actually, that classic rock 109 stream is indeed on our server server.. We have not made any changes or updates to our server in well over a month. So if it you started having issues last week, it certainly did not come from our end. So, as with anything else, if it worked with your script, the others should as well, unless the datacenter for some reason has blocked a set of SL IP numbers (which they have done in the past) I will add that muddys and bigdaddys, while using the same shoutcast version, are on different boxes. Again, we have not done any updates (yet) in over a month but they do run the same shoutcast version. All v2 server are by default set to private. the common them between the poppys, big daddys and muddys is they are all set to private. To assume "we" have "created a mess" is just wrong. We" haven't done anything of the sort. As I mentioned we haven't touched those servers in s\well over a month. If it works 2 weeks ago, then it should still work. Nothing has been done to create this issue on our end. Radios in SL connect fine. Software used outside of SL show information properly in terms of what is playing, even SL shows "Now Playing" correctly. So no, we have not "created this mess".
  7. In order to be “public” a couple of things have to happen. The server has to be set to either always or dependent on the source (i.e. SAM Broadcaster), The DJ must select the public listing option in their encoder (of it exists) and the stream owner must register their station onto Shoutcast dot com. That’s the only way their ICY will pick up the stream info. Many opt not to do that because listing themselves can potentially expose them on the net to Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) from different countries that will require royalty and licensing fees. This can be costly and well into the 1000s (especially if more than one country comes after you. The reason we, as a provider, and DJ’s/clubs are opting to use v2 Shoutcast is because they might have external listeners out side of SL that use apple products. Apple no longer supports v1 Shoutcast, so to listen to them without searching for an app that can override that means the server has to be v2. Plans are underway for other companies/apps (i.e. Google, IE, Edge Safari, Firefox, etc) to eventually no longer support v1 either due to security issues.
  8. ya'll posted this 4+ hours ago figured would be fixed by now... still cant get in
  9. I too am looking for one of the new SL homes. I went to Hammond Park and there are a number of them that are unoccupied but still under the protected land I found one I would prefer... getting it is another story since they are going quickly (when available)
  10. here we go again... bootings take 3 Or 4
  11. Never stabilized until they said its done.... and even then... you still have to wonder.
  12. Happened last night too. Maybe they are fixing it as an unscheduled maintenance thing.
  13. might be Sl in general.... can't seem to log in at moment, and the SL homepage is rather sketchy at the moment.
  14. I wonder if this means that linden homes will be upgraded to 1024 instead of the current 512.... things that make you go "hmmm"
  15. relax people. Watch TV, read a book, listen to the radio... spend time with your family, get back to work.... really... it's not the end of the world.
  16. If it is a DDOS attack (and some say it isn't)... it's not easy to resolve and in some cases depending on how bad it is, can take days to resolve. All everyone needs is patience.
  17. Its a problem that will never go a way for datacenters (and their customers). That's why getting a really robust DDOS Protection system is very costly.
  18. I have a feeling the wedding may be delayed
  19. Distributed Denial of Service - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack
  20. Same here ... Seems to be happening more and more lately.
  21. Hi, I am trying to add items to marketplace. For some reason the system is not allowing me to add these items to marketplace. I have one item set to No Mod, no trans... a second to no trans and the 3rd items is at full perm settings. The items are boxed into a prim box that is set to no mod no trans. Any ideas why I can't drag this box to marketplace??
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