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  1. Very funny Werewolf, in all your comments you defend this display name "feature" like its your idea, thats ok. But why you worry about my idea that premium members should get "special protection of their usernames". And why you complain "Basic account holders often have just as much to lose from being impersonated as premium account holders do". Wasn't it you who teach us in all your comments that this display-name "feature" is not a problem. Must be my bad english, or did i misunderstand you? You sound worried too now (smiles) Anyway, i need no weekly L$300, i need no Linden-Home, i need
  2. Thank you Jack, its realy good you are listening, thinking and changing because of our comments. There are two points i am missing, and i think it can be possible to add this to your changes: 1. Give region owners the option to switch off displayname usage on their regions. 2. Protect Premium members name to be choosen as a displayname. I know with unicode you can use special letters from other languages to create i.e. Linden as displayname and its near impossible to control that. But for me it would be enought if nobody can easy change to my name with normal ASCII code. Its a little bit h
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