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  1. Actually, there is a need for something like this. My friends list has over 270 names, some dating back almost 10 years. I know of ofthers who have lists numbering in the thousands. I'm sure at least half of my "friends" are no longer on SL. But their "free" account has not been deleted. It would be nice to be able to purge the list of those who haven't logged in over a year or more. Even just being able to sort by last login date, not actually seeing the date, would be a big help.
  2. Well, I still can't login to my primary account on a single computer (my desktop). However, I can log in to other accounts just fine from that machine. But, I can login in to that account with my other computer (a laptop). Alright, what gives, and what do I have to fix in my desktop so I can log into my primary account? I've already tried clearing the cache all around, with no success. It doesn't matter which viewer I try: SL Viewer2, Firestorm, or Exodus, all fail at the login for that account. HELP!!
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