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  1. Is there any way i can get $1500 US dollars free and easy?
  2. Voice may come back for a while for some of us, but goes away again. We try different regions. We do not see dots above our (or other avatar's) heads. They see dots, but we do not. We may get voice back the next day, only to have it suddenly disappear. We have tried different viewers. No luck.
  3. "never downloads the viewer" - Some folks use viewers other than the Linden one, even from the very beginning.
  4. Getting married in Second Life is a virtual mirrage. It is not a legal mirrage. That is still something you will have to do in Real Life. But celebrating with your SL friends is most appropriate.
  5. Have you been able to see video on a prim with Lion? I cannot. I keep waiting for an upgrade.
  6. All my "web on a prim" training videos no longer work. I went to the International Schools Island and their web on prim videos don't seem to work either. Help! I have 20 newbies coming this month!
  7. I was using Viewer 2 just fine on Lion until your last required update. If you would let us go back to that version until the problem is resolved, I would be most grateful. You talk as if this was Apple's fault. I think you should have tested your latest version on Lion before requiring the upgrade.
  8. How can I change the name of my new island? Inspiration came a bit late.
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