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  1. Do you have a dirty secret? Come watch our sexy classy girls work the poles in a brand new burlesque style striptease club! (We are also hiring dancers and escorts too) We have members and freelance dancers, classy escorts and of course our amazing burlesque shows, unique in SL. Drop by and say hello to our friendly girls. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dirty%20Secrets/206/61/2001
  2. The Union Jack is a British themed village with shops to rent for 200L per week (50 prims) we have regular events, great through traffic and regular visitors, and we have just moved to a better location and are looking for new renters for our great stores located around the edge of the main event area! As a grand re-opening offer, we are giving away 1 week free rental on stores when you rent for the 1st week! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RJ%20Brasil/67/41/22
  3. Yes, they are deleted from the hard drive due to it going bang about 1 year ago so our only resort would be if we could somehow extract the textures back from the clothing items themselves (which for the record are backed up on 3 different avatars inventory in world). I don't want to do anything illegal like hacking the system or running a copybot viewer et cetera, so I suppose unless by a miracle LL implements something like this for owner-created items in future these will remain forever in the state they are at. Thanks for the info. 
  4. I am wondering if it would be possible to somehow extract the texture from one piece of clothing that exists in world and either save it as a texture or transfer it to a new item of clothing in world. The reason I ask this is simply because I have a lot of tattoos which were created prior to the new tattoo layer being introduced, and which therefore exist as jacket, shirt layers etc. Having created versions for 'all layers' I deleted the original texture files thinking they were no longer needed. However I would now like to create versions for the new tattoo layer. I have tried searching everywhere for the answer but all I've found is 'it's possible to do this' but not how. Thanks
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