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  1. Why did you make my [products adult including all my dresses how is a dress adult and would it have been good manners to have informed my instead of letting me find out because all my sales stopped?
  2. Who says your not allowed, you have always shown your scripts as examples, I don't mind, I would only let old ones of mine that were no longer any use to me as I have in the library, I think you should promote your scripts, wow some here use any excuse to promote those void ones so you should to.
  3. Are you advertising the free hand cart? Are not many taking it up? I say this because in my crystal ball I see your name ends in linden, I could be wrong, I am some times. As for the OP's question, its not my SL or anyone else's, its all about what others expect from you, most can't see that but that is what it is.
  4. I find that the Viking chip shop does the best chips, they don't have them on a card but in paper wrapped up, I think your only sold chips on a card because they can give you less chips.
  5. well that is the third state as you count zero as a value in binary so it is either 0 or 1, or true and false.
  6. Did it, I still wonder about you, who are you really, forgive me but most here have been told to hate me, so why are you different, is it the good cop, bad cop stuff. PS those brain damaged inbreeds are but children to me, so don't take their advice.
  7. Tell me, how do you decide on what side to run, the hare or the hounds, have you thought as a career as a politician?
  8. It is called adapt to survive, they need them for the malls, but the mall owners will go by sales, as bots drive people away, example I went to phils store and only saw sex bots there to try out beds, so after throwing up in the sick bag which he didn't provide I tped out.
  9. "Ahhh Lucinda, a ray of light in our darkness. How's your business in SL doing? I'm quite happy to accept my 'rule of thumb' will be wildly inaccurate in specific cases." you do know that I know what makes you tick as I do most here, but I am neither benevolent or malevolent, so you will never know the damage I can do to you, be thankful I am as I am regardless of the hate you show.
  10. I am vexed by a bug,I have in a control event a filter that mask off when the mouse button is down, in mouse look and in normal view, if I keep the mouse button down in normal view for a few seconds, the level stays true when I take my finger off the left mouse button until I go into mouselook, now this could be me, it is Sunday, and I do need some hours of thought to be sure, well I have given it those few hours and looked at the code till I am seeing fairies, and the error repeats itself, I know the lindens don't do a thing till you filled in a jira, jumped 3 times held a finger on your nose for five hours and chanted the Koran forwards and backwards five times, well I don't have the time for that, have any of you noticed the same?
  11. Qavimator does not save them as .bvh as default, so you have to use save as, to change the extention .bvh, sl only looks for .bvh files so that why you can't see them.
  12. When you appear in a sim after tping, or flying it takes a second or 2 for the sim to get all the AV details, I have found that it can be any time from 2 to 4 seconds, depending on lag, my arena looks at script memory used by people tping in, I have to put a 4 second delay, because if I try to look after the av count of the sim has changed I get a zero for script even if I have a key, I did a day of testing to make sure it was not my error, I found that it takes a second or 2 to get all the AV's info in place.
  13. You have friends? Do they know you? Or they just facebook friends and see you as a digit in their boasting, maybe they are a digit in your boasting, who knows.
  14. I have found that if you don't have any in the first place it is not a problem, I can only say that if it is a problem for you then maybe you have to many of these facebook friends(monkeys that have learnt to count), Friends in Sl , is that a oxymoron?
  15. Agree 100% I want the widget to, I have bought a business package from BT, most things i dont use yet but i am told i have the world plus a few moons worth of everything, lol, still finding out about widjets and things but I want a translator to, I feel that having all help and examples allows you to respond instantly regardless of you online situation, grid down problems or unable to use things cos your sim needs a restart and as I am main land I can wait days for a restart. But i think it is the way forward, note cards are so messy.
  16. Sl is addictive for two reasons. 1. Before there was TV, people gathered together in places like pubs, humans are a herd animal and need other humans near them to feel content, just like cattle, when TV was introduced people found two needs, they developed the need to be entertained, this had been a preserve of the rich and they to became addicted to the theater and such, the TV had no interaction, theaters did have a limited amount, when the internet came along, it gave for the first time choice, people got the chance to chose who they were near like the old days in pubs, in fact the same kind of personal issues that did arise in pubs arise even more on the internet, as it is easy to be brave behind a screen, so the internet has become the preferred place to hang out, you choice as mine is SL, ok the pub is under new management and a new group of bullies are king pins, but it is still a pub. 2. Something you can't see, the screen, it scans at a frequency close to our own brain cycles, this has the affect of making us stare at it(goggle box), like head lights for a rabbit or a flame for a moth, lol, I am known for saying things that are controversial, so ill just say this, " how odd that a frequency should be chosen that alters the wiring of our brain, almost as if we are being grown in a test tube", does this imply we are being farmed? Moo
  17. I have stopped giving note cards, I am making a website for each product with their own feedback form. http://msdcs.co.uk/ I feel this is a lot better, every product now has a help button that leads to one of the websites, the forms come though to my main machine that is on all day, so don't matter if I am online, I think is the way forward, I am also making a blog that has FAQ's and lots of examples.
  18. In the example you quote is a line in the caveats that explains all If PERMISSION_CHANGE_LINKS is granted by anyone other than the owner, then when the function is called an error will be shouted on DEBUG_CHANNEL. Only the owner can grant that perm, I make things that delink, the only way for them to use it is for the owner to grant perms first, would be nice if others could but that is not to be.
  19. See you have never met those that do make money here, they are so rude and never answer note cards or im's, what a wonderful dream you live in, is it catching?
  20. You confuse me at times, I would just like to say (as honor dictates) that that was a very thoughtful thing you did in extending the body of the Http, very, but then so was llcastray, and I said so, then you disabled it for things worn and needed me to fill out a Jira, but that aside, I will wait before I take advantage of the extended body in case that's disabled to.
  21. Some times we expect to much, it is not what they can do it is what can we do, example below.
  22. ty for telling me who speaks to you, I said only that to one person, I have muted them and will ban them from the product they have press me to give them, I some how knew they were fake.
  23. Don't see you as one of the bullies but I have not read the post, maybe you are I only remember the elite few like that Phil ,peter and digbert or ding bat, can't be assed to find out their names.
  24. Governed no, most here, well in this forum should be in dog food tins.
  25. I chose this subject because it can't be proved one way or the other, I just wanted to expose the bullies in this forum that would just insult me no matter the subject, I feel that when ever I have posted here I have had the same gang just bully me driving me out, the lindens do nothing to get rid of these sick people which makes me think that the lindens are nothing but brain dead inbreds as well, seems that most here that have a red icon and claim to be helpers are nothing more than sick bullies that have nothing better to do than insult people to make themselves feel good and the lindens support them, as for the subject I would not tell you what I really thought, this whole thread was a trap for the sick.
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