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  1. Greetings People of Second Life!! I want to do a shout out about this amazing Role Play sim that I have come to have as my home. The players are great to RP with, the admin/lead team members are phenomenal with their collaborations and working together to provide a fun place to play for everyone that loves the medieval fantasy worlds. It is adult themed, too! Your character can cuss and sit in their bathhouse named Siren's Den or their Onsen all nude with nary an out of character fuss! There are rules, of course, but they are all very logical and reasonable. I have watched the lead team stand by their rules and find creative solutions to issues. I do implore you, oh seeker of the fantasy role play, to check out the links below and see what you think! Who knows, we may even cross paths in our stories and make a grand time of it!! Until next we meet! ~Lizzie Dyson https://novusascending.wixsite.com/secondlife https://www.flickr.com/groups/2975277@N23 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wish%20Mountain/112/128/1005
  2. Hello! Recently logged onto SL only to find that all meshes are discolored blobs, regular prims look like sculpt maps or just discolored as well. I have logged off and on several times trying to test the preferences on graphics, nothing worked. Uninstalled and reinstalled the viewer two times, did not work. Uninstalled and then installed Firestorm, did not work. Before you blame my graphics, I will give you specs and what I've done thus far to be sure it's not that. I have an HP Pavilion running on Windows 10, set SL to be ran as if it's on Windows 7 (right click on icon, the option is there). The processor that is in the computer is the AMD A8-3800 with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics. Display adapter is AMD Radeon HD 6550D. Computer is ACPI x64-based PC. I have checked all drivers, all up to date. I ran a stress test on the computer and it stayed alive even into an hour of running it. I also brought up several other games, those graphics are great! With all that out of the way, please tell me how to fix my viewer (pictured below) before I go into a system restore.
  3. Hello! After much research and trial and error, I have learned how to use Blender 2.76 to create mesh objects. I am a Builder in SL, I specialize in creating houses and texturizing. I am also wanting to create furniture as well. It has always been my dream to create low prim builds and it seems to me that meshing is the way to do this. I've recently tested my skills on a very simple pallet bed but when I looked to upload to SL, I seem to have done my exportation incorrectly. I have searched all over the internet on how to resolve this issue but all I am finding is information to old versions of blender and add-ons to them. Does anyone know how to use Blender 2.76 for mesh building? Do I need to locate an add-on to help and what? Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the vote on forest! I've got the map sketched up for that theme already. However, it will be some time before LOZ: SL is opened in-world. I'm projecting a timeline heading into 2017 due to building and land acquiring issues. After all, want to make sure it's all just right when we open the RP to the public. I hope to see you when we open!
  5. After the introduction trail, players will come out into the RP area called "Goddess' Grove". From there, I plan on having a transporter that takes players to a village. It's going to be a while before I can bring out Hyrule Castle and Castle Town, so the village is where the RP is going to start. I'd like to know what kind of village you players would like to start out in so that I know which direction the build will go. The options: Forest Desert Plains Canyon I've put the question in the main post, so please give me your opinion. Otherwise, I will default to a Forest Village (I'm thinking a village in the trees)
  6. I have added pictures of what I have built so far to the main post. Please enjoy
  7. "NO NUDITY NOR SEX. If we find a player running around bald all over or players are being open about their particular engagement, said player(s) will be banned for three days. Second offense will be two weeks and a third offense will be permanent ban. You do not see characters in the Zelda games that are stark-n-buff, the worse is possible a barrel for clothes. If your scene is leading into that red zone, please take it off realm." With the argument Xisu presented, then I will do some editing on this rule to be a bit more understanding to the races. I'd like to know what you think, Xisu, and anyone else reviewing rules, storyline and race/class decisions. NO (1)SEX NOR (2)NUDITY If you feel your story is heading into a sexualistic direction, please turn it over to Private Messaging and if you have your Avatars are found doing sexual acts, please leave the land to a more secluded place. If we find anyone engaged in sexual scenario (in text and/or in world), the players will be banned for three days. The second offense will be two weeks banishment and a third offense will be permanent banishment. Due to certain races of the Zelda world not needing to wear fabrics upon their beings, there are exclusions to the nudity rule. Zora, Goron, Ferani and Twili races are allowed to not wear fabrics so long as it is kept within the descriptions of their race. Should we see genitalia parts (p.enis/v.agina attachments, nipples), no matter the race, we will take offense to the matter. First offense is a warning, we can help you fix your avatar to meet Racial standards. Second offense (by now you're doing this on purpose) means three day banishment. Third offense is two weeks banishment and fourth offense is permanent banishment.
  8. ((This is what I have in the making for the rules, regulations and tidbit for copyrights. Please comment with any improvements or ideas)) Rules and Regulations RESPECT!! Please be respectful of each other while Role Playing, both Out of Character and In Character. We want this realm to be a place where we can all have an enjoyable time. If we are given proof (log of conversation, pictures, etc.) that someone is griefing, bullying and otherwise being a Bad Player, we will give the accused one chance to either provide their own proof (log of conversation, pictures, etc) of defense or a change to play better and respectfully. Should the accused not be able to perform either of the chances, then we will ban the player for a month (31 days minimum). Keep in mind, In Character disrespect could simply be a part of the player's OC (think villains, bad guys, etc). If that disrespect does carry over into OOC, then can we make an issue of the matter. NO NUDITY NOR SEX. If we find a player running around bald all over or players are being open about their particular engagement, said player(s) will be banned for three days. Second offense will be two weeks and a third offense will be permanent ban. You do not see characters in the Zelda games that are stark-n-buff, the worse is possible a barrel for clothes. If your scene is leading into that red zone, please take it off realm. NO CANON CHARACTERS. This is a realm that is separated from the main Zelda timeline, a realm exclusive to Second Life. To this purpose, there will not be any of the main canon characters. We may, in the future, audition players for the repeated side characters we find through out the game series but that is in the future. For now, please be as creative as you'd like with your Original Characters, just be sure the attire is appropriate for the Role Play. If we do see someone playing as a Canon, we will ban the player for two weeks. If there is a repeat offense, the ban will be permanent. NO AGE PLAY. This rule is the reason Kokiri kids are not in the race list of this realm. We do not want to see this, but if we do then we will record the proof of action and the players involved will be banned for a month. If we see the same players at it again, the ban is permanent. No arguments! NO GODMODE, METAGAME NOR OVERPOWER. We want your OC to have limits in order to provide a well rounded role play and a more believable character. Godmode means your character is perfect to the point that not even a leek could touch such perfectly smooth skin, we like imperfections so let your character be flawed and get leeked every so often. Metagame means you used OOC info to do something that IC ly would be impossible for your character. Overpower, self explanatory. If we gain proof (log of conversation) that any of those has been done, the accused will be banned for three days. Second offense will get two week ban and third offense is permanent ban. DO NOT AUTO. You, the player, can not control the reactions of another player's OC. Simply give a scenario of “if I hit you” to give another player a chance to get hit or not. We do not want to see “I hit you” and you, the player, get offended when the other player actually dodges the hit. Mind you, that's just a scenario, auto can be applied in different ways according to any role play that interacts with other players. This also plays into rule number five. If we gain proof that a player is Auto, said player will be given a session to learn the proper ways to role play. If they still do it, then we will enact the 1,2,3 ban that has been seen in previous rules. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! Role play has a goal of being fun and entertaining. Let's keep it that way! Copyrights The Legend of Zelda is copyrighted to Nintendo, all things used in The Legend of Zelda: Second Life are protected under the Fair Use Act of USA. The Legend of Zelda: Second Life is purposed for entertainment and is non-profit. Any L$ transactions gained for The Legend of Zelda: Second Life from content sales and/or donations is used solely for The Legend of Zelda: Second Life. No person(s) are gaining profit from this Role Play simulated version of The Legend of Zelda series.
  9. ((This is what I have so far in the making for the storyline. Please comment with ideas on improvement or anything)) A Glimpse to the History of Hyrule It has been spoken through the generations of Hyrule that three Goddesses came upon the chaos of our world and created our lands and people. Din, the Goddess of Power, molded from the chaos the land we walk upon. Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, laid down the order in which the land is to follow. Farore, the Goddess of Courage, brought forth the people who will tend to the land and uphold the order of the land. Before they re-ascended to their heavenly travels, they gifted the people with the Triforce. As the story has been passed along, it is told that the Triforce will grant the one who possesses it the wish they hold in their heart. However, a caution, if the possessor does not hold a balance of Power, Wisdom and Courage in their hearts, the Triforce will break and each piece will then be blessed upon three individuals who hold their respective trait above all else. After the Goddesses re-ascended, a time of peace came upon the lands as life began for all. Sadly, the Era of Peace did come to an end and moved into the Era of War as the Demon King sought the Triforce to make his wish. He was not successful, for a green-clad Warrior rose to the occasion and, with the aide of the Wise Princess, sealed the Demon King into a prison unknown. The monsters that served the Demon King went into hiding, awaiting the day in which his reincarnation would appear before them to guide their dreams to fruition. Until that Dark Day, we live in Peace once again. With the Royals, descendants of the Wise Princess, leading Hyrule during this Era of Prosper, we can only enjoy and be ever watchful. The Current Time We now have King Rylan ruling Hyrule from the Castle, having gained the throne after his father passed away from age. It is with a sad heart that not long after ascending to the throne did the King lose his Queen and first born during child-birth. While the King grieves over such a great loss, the Green Knights have loosened their guard. Now the monsters are stirring, seeking for their ray of darkness to find that reincarnation. We know not what will happen in this moment of the Era of Prosper. We can only pray to the Goddess' that the King will rise back up and knock back the evil that stirs, for if not....
  10. The Hyrulian builder known as Dyson watched as the Twili woman vanished, pondering upon the idea of building a place for her kind to take refuge in the lands of Hyrule. She touched her thumb to her bottom lip as she thought over the request that was so kindly brought up by the Twili representative. It did not take long for her to come to a decision. Dyson turned and added the Twili race to the list of races that can be found in (Second Life) Hyrule. "This will most certainly add interest to the building storyline. Thank you for bringing this idea to the table, my lady." She whispered, smiling as she looked upon the list. (Editing the main post to include the race and class list!)
  11. Thank you for the support! I am seeking any Hyrule lover who could help in any way. My talent lies in building, putting stuff together to create a nice area to RP in. I honestly have no talents in the mesh building nor in scripting, but taking stuff that has been made and putting those pieces together to get an environment is my talent. The storytelling part, making rules and such....kind of. That's the part I am currently seeking help with, since RL is preventing me from spending time in SL to work on the build at the moment. I am looking to setting a new race in the Zelda world, one unique of Second Life. The name I currently have for this race is Ferani, it's a race that allows players with Furry characters to be able to partake in the RP.
  12. (Edit) I've made a FB page, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Legend-of-Zelda-Second-Life-542925092525993/timeline/ Thank you (End Edit) I have undertaken the daunting task of building a place for Zelda players to go and RP. This particular task will, of course, be a couple of years in the making. Currently I do not have land to provide for the RP, let alone completed all the rules, races, classes and all the jazz stuff that goes into creating this particular themed RP. So far in my undertaking I have built the Landing Area for Zelda RPers and the first part of the aesthetic introduction. The second part of the introduction actually goes deeper into the rules and stuff of the RP. This is where I need help, this is where I am calling out for help from Zelda lovers like you. Even better, I do have stipulations for this particular RP to become successful in Second Life. The first stipulation is one that will start off not being accepted until the reasons are explained and understood. No Canon Characters. The Zelda RP I have in mind is to be an Open World for players to come in Original Characters and simply enjoy playing out their own stories in a world reminicent of Legend of Zelda. If canon characters were to be introduced then the RP will become too narrow to allow players with OCs to be able to partake much in the story line. Think Malon in LOZ: OOT, she did not have much of a role in the game and her role is very short lived. What was her life like truly? What was her favorite color, who did she love, where did she go when she wanted to get away from the farm? Things that make a character feel alive is pretty much dead compared to Link. I want to avoid that in SL, I want to provide players a chance to do their stories with the Zelda background. The other reason for that stipulation (also for a lot of things that happens in this project) is copyrights. I want to avoid feeling the hammer of Nintendo because I am crossing the copyright line. In LOZ: SL, I feel there is a demand to be original and use pieces of LOZ world like a battle system, healing fairies, weapons and tools, LOZ inspired puzzles and bosses. Originality with inspiration from the games should allow us to freely create the LOZ RP in SL without being chased by copyrights and such. Also, this will be non-profit as a whole but vendors can feel free to get their profits, I would simply be providing them a place to sell their goods. Honestly, that's my only stipulation. Now that you have read this far, I can now ask you this most important question. Will you join me in the undertaking of building Legend of Zelda: Second Life? (Edit) After the introduction trail, players will come out into the RP area called "Goddess' Grove". From there, I plan on having a transporter that takes players to a village. It's going to be a while before I can bring out Hyrule Castle and Castle Town, so the village is where the RP is going to start. I'd like to know what kind of village you players would like to start out in so that I know which direction the build will go. The options: ForestDesertPlainsCanyon(End Edit) Please comment in response. It's going to be a while yet before I can get back to the building in SL but in the meantime, I can find time to work on Rules, Species, Classes, Storyline, etc. Let's make this RP successful! (edit) Current Listings: Races Hylian/human (Gerudo clan is included in this race)ZoraGoronsFerani (name can change if someone presents a better version, this race is to include the Furry players of SL. Quadrupedal and Bipedal versions)TwiliClasses Hystorian (see what I did there? :) )Warrior (Soldier)ArcherHealerRogueMerchantThis is what I have built so far. I have set it up so that when an Avatar appears they will land in a black encased dome with Ganondorf's qoute before them. Beneath the qoute is a letter and the letter reads: "Entry Date ??/??/???? Now I know I have been in the Gap between dimensions far too long, I can't even recall a simple thing as time. This place has driven me to insanity with no turning back. Seems traveling the Gap has proven to be far more treacherous than I would have ever thought. All I have been doing recently is floating....floating....auck, there is no end to this floating in nothing! Even as I am writing this under the light of my captured Poe, I fear I am diminishing into this....nothing! ....Before I do fade away in this Gap, perhaps I can put this paper to good use.... To the one who is reading this, it is too late for me but it is not too late for you! Doors and windows often light the way out of the Gap. Take the first Light you see and get out of here! Care not for the one writing this, my fate is sealed. Care not where the light takes you, just GET OUT NOW! Now I can perish into the Gap in peace, knowing that some how I saved your life.... Signed, The Gap Traveler" When the avatar turns around they should see the alighted door with the LOZ: SL logo above it. An avatar will then come out the otherside to find a trail that will lead them to an area that holds rules, races, classes and Ad Boards for vendors to rent (the rent money goes towards land maintainance). I have further plans for the RP setting, it's just going to take time to get them done. Until I do, I hope these pictures will satisfy you.
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