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  1. Actually both the pieces advice I've had has been from two established land renters - about starting high and also about waiting and being patient. I'm not insisting on anything. I am new to this and appreciate your comments and will change the rental price and maybe other things if it doesn't rent soon. So do you think if I made it unfurnished I could actually charge more for the rent? How much?
  2. Thanks for your reply - I am a new landowner so still learning, hence my posting here for advice. I was advised elsewhere to start high and reduce as necessary so I was aware that I was aiming high. It's all good quality stuff - 100% mesh house with animated 100% mesh furniture and use of a private Intan dance ball and other extras in the house, which you wouldn't get in some crap box in the sky. I wasn't asking for an opinion on the price but how long I should leave it. However, I appreciate your comments and will reduce the rental price.
  3. Sooo my land and house has been set up for 6 weeks and apart from an abortive rent which lasted a few hours, no-one has rented it. I'm thinking of reducing the rental price. My question is: How long would you leave a rental up before reducing the price to attract renters? It's currently advertised on the MP and in several Facebook and in-world groups, as well as in my shops, and I have had at least two visitors to the land every week to look at it, but no takers as yet.
  4. Thanks for that! I got a friend of mine to add in the IM notification in the script for me, so hoping that sorts the problem next time.
  5. Hello all - well my parcel rented for the first time today. Somebody paid for a whole month, so I'm pleased. (Although having said how much she loved the place, she refunded the lease 30 mins later cos she found something better *sigh*) Thing is I got no notification from the rental box and only found out cos I had a visitor detector at the parcel and went to check. I think it only notifies me in local chat if I'm online. How do you all get notifications of payments for your rented parcels? What's the easiest way for me to set that up apart from constantly going there or logging into my transaction history to check?
  6. Ah yes, thank you - I have it set to show in search to advertise the rental, and yes I have an alt who is also an Owner of the group. I'll be taking it off show in search once it gets rented. Thanks for that!
  7. Hello again - I've noticed on my transaction history a payment regarding my group which the land is deeded to. Is this because the land is deeded or something else? Is it weekly or monthly? I don't think I understand group liability or tier charges properly ... https://gyazo.com/1265f6c322a6012d4ba4f22c5f81203c
  8. Thanks again both. To be clear, and as this is so important, the place to be unchecked in the group for general group members regarding Liabilities is under "Accounting: Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends"? Anywhere else?
  9. You've all been so helpful so far - may I ask some more questions while I continue to learn and set this up? I've deeded the parcel to the group - I got the warning that if the land is sold then the sale amount is divided between group members, and thought well I will just un-deed it to group before I sell it (if & whenever I sell it). However, now it's deeded to the group, I notice the deed buttons are greyed out. How do I reverse the process and become the sole owner in the future if I want to sell the land?
  10. I've tried to do this but cannot add myself. I've added my alt but selecting myself doesn't add myself to the list. Perhaps cos I am the land owner anyway (therefore perhaps I would always be allowed by default?) I've tried to deed the parcel to the group but get this message "[09:47] Second Life: Deeding parcel failed because the group does not have enough land credits." It's only a titchy 512m parcel - what do land credits mean and how do I fix it?
  11. Thanks everyone - a lot of helpful advice here Yeah I wouldn't be visiting the plot while they are renting, just thinking someone could ban me and stop paying, then what would I do. You answered that - thanks. Shall I just not allow deed? They'd only need that for a TV otherwise, I think. Anything I'm missing? Yup I was going to make tiered levels in the group for renters. What options should be on and which ones off? Yes I've got an alt with owner level, so that should be covered.
  12. Hi all I've just bought a parcel of land and rent out for the first time, so a total newbie to being a "landlord" lol. My question is - could a nasty renter ban me from my own land by putting out a security orb or in some other way? What can I do to prevent this (eg what should be checked/unchecked in "About Land" when renting out). I already have a group for the land and the house I'm putting down has its own security system. Any tips generally? TIA
  13. Thanks again to everyone for your comments! Update is I took Skell's advice first and tried using another viewer. I only had Singularity installed but actually that was the viewer my friend was using when he said my hover looked wrong. After some fiddling with the hover in Singularity to get it right there, I found relogging into Firestorm that my hover seems to be fixed ... so far. We'll see over the next few days of exploring and trying different stuff if it remains a fix. Thanks particularly also to Sagadin - very helpful to have the big hover slider on screen in case I need to fine tune again. I have noticed that too, Pussycat - since they introduced Viewer 2/3 about 7 years ago now, with the actual height listed in appearance, and newbie avatars of a normal/RL height, generally people have got smaller, so as my av was closer to RL height ( tho still tall) I have always remained the same height but now am not as small as I used to be compared to others (when guys were over 7 foot tall generally). Thanks to Chin for pointing out the foot shape thing - it's good to be reminded of that, but I'm not wearing a foot shape with my slink feet (I never seem to need one now even tho shoes come with one in the folder). How does the old Appearance hover function work/differ from the one in the sliders? I'm loathe to tweak anything right now, now that things appear to be working!
  14. Thanks for all the help, everyone. I thought Ariel's suggestion was really interesting - I have made my av more like RL - my legs are shorter than my body - so I thought this was bound to be the problem, but when I followed her advice rezzing the blocks and comparing, my legs were actually slightly longer than my body! They were only at 11 % on the leg length scale tho - curiouser and curiouser ... However, even adjusting this down to 4 % so my av was totally in proportion, it made no difference to the sinking problem when sitting. Talligurl - I've been putting up with this for a very long time and it doesn't happen to my friends, so that's why I finally posted on the forum to ask. Was hoping I was missing something obvious to fix it so I didn't have to fiddle with the hover every time I sit and stand up. Coby - Tried the AO thing, and didn't help. That used to help years ago I remember but not this time Thanks Marianne - I use Firestorm where there is the hover option in Quick Prefs on screen but it still annoys me having to fiddle with it. After trying Ariel's blocks idea, I also fiddled with making my av tall at 100 % and shorter at 50% (I am usually set to 80% on the body scale) nothing fixed the problem. Sigh. Guess I'm going to have to just continue like this. I do feel sure there is a reason/answer out there somewhere though ...
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