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  1. Hiding your profile from the web will also hide it inside Viewer 2.5, which is a major flaw in the system.
  2. Hi Torley! Do you have any news on my question about text-only viewers and profile data retrieval? I would appreciate some information as this is critical to those who develop viewers like this.
  3. @Torley: Question for you: Will there be a way to retrieve and edit profile information from in-world *without* using the web profiles? I am asking, because there are viewers out there that can't use web profiles at all (think text only viewers, mobile devices etc.). We absolutely need to keep these viewers able to edit profile information. Could you check on this and make sure the product managers responsible for web profiles know about this? Second issue: We absolutely need a way to hide our web profiles from outside SL while still being able to view them from inside the viewer. I understand that this is the first incarnation of web profiles, but shipping it without this functionality shows a ver short-sighted approach on developing this new feature. Privacy should be the first and foremost concern with a new feature, especially if it contains tracking mechanisms like buttons that lead to social networking sites and track the user's browsing habits. Thanks in advance!
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