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  1. Welcome to SL! I agree with the other comments here. Let me tell you a short story what happened to me once: I was very happy with someone and married for 2.5 years, and never cheated on her. Well i have to admit i am bipolar and have some mental issues, but most people can handle me pretty well when i am being a brat... lol Anyway... Last year i was "playing" with a neighbor girl who lived on the same sim. She was more like a daughter to me, she even called me daddy and we got along good. (Keep in mind: theres a difference between "playing" and having sex). But then she started to like me more and i suggested we could use my alt and get together there if we want to "play". My wife and i had both agreed that we can have someone to play with on an alt. And that's exactly what i did. But then later my SL-wife thought i was screwing her on my main, and we hadnt done nothing yet. But she didn't believe me and broke up. She cried and told everybody that i screwed her behind her back, and i got banned very fast. But honestly, i haven't even screwed her. I really dont need sex in SL. I have my RL wife who gives me everything i want. So i dont have the desire to do it in SL.Besides that, my RL wife is sitting right behind me when i play SL. I didnt even ask my SL-wife for much sex, simplay because i can't do it! Well the neighbor girl didnt like my wife either so she back stabbed me too and told her that we f...ed several times, which is a lie. She was after me too, but i couldn't be for her what she wanted me to be. So i was the big cheater and i got no chance to defend myself. Nobody listened to me, but they banned me and muted me fast. And i was being faithfull all the time. But thats life: Some people believe God is a woman... my ex wife believes i screwed that neighbor girl... well let them believe it! Best thing is to shut up and let people believe what they want to believe. Best thing you can do is to (try to) move on... there will always be a...holes in SL.
  2. Its just Drama, some people love drama, well let them have it. I have a nice story too. To make it short: My ex-wife accused me of having a girlfriend behind her back, which wasn't true. I didnt get a chance to talk to anyone, and they banned me very fast too without even listening to me. But I was "only cheating" once, and even without having sex, but it was still cheating. I had written it allover my profile and even in the SL forums stating very clear that we were not dating, but nobody believed me. That other girl was after me, but i didnt want her. I was only pleasuring her once. But that girl told my wife that we screwed, well can she prove it? No she can't. But i am just playing along and pretending we had sex, thats the best i can do. My Ex-wife believes so, well so be it. I dont want to argue, and sometimes its better to just shut up. But to this day, even 7 months after we broke up i never had anymore girlfriends, and i am strictly against pixel-sex in SL. I can have sex in RL as often as i want to, and its more fun in RL too. My Ex-Wife was truly the last girlfriend i had in SL. But she didnt trust me. And i told her if she ever wants me back then she (and only she) can have me anytime. I dont want anyone else in SL but her. Honestly! I may be a man, but i am not afraid to tell a woman "No, i wont go any further..." Now that i think about it, i would say Yes, cheating and dating are about the same thing. Advice to all the men who are cheating: Be careful and don't get caught. If your partner only 'suspects' that you had an affair, or even sex, and if they believe you did, even if you didn't then there is no way you can prove them wrong.
  3. I am married RL since 10 years and had a SL-Partner for almost 3 years. We didn't have much Pixel-Sex because we both had our RL around all the time (i have my RL wife, she has her kids and hubby there). And i have to say, i love sex with my RL wife because i can actually FEEL her. SL-Sex is nice for the imagination, or for fantasizing but i still prefer RL. But i did have sex with my SL-wife too several times. Was very exciting too. The nice thing about SL-Sex is, you can do things that you can't do in RL. Unfortunately we broke up because she thought i was dating someone behind her back. Yes, she used the term "dating", which is just as wrong as thinking the Earth is flat. And dating automatically involves Sex, which means i was supposedly screwing someone several times who was actually just a good friend (and SL-Daughter) and was talking to me when she needed to talk... I didn't even have feelings for her. But the fact that my RL wife is home, and that i was very happy with my SL wife didn't count. She didnt trust me. And to this day (6 months later) i am still single in SL and havent had anymore girlfriends and am not interested in Pixel-Sex. Now that should tell you something, right? I admit, i do have a female alt too, and i am hanging around with friends, and going to clubs and beaches too. I dont tell them who i am in RL, and i dont want sex with her either. Well sometimes i cant believe how fast you can meet a horny man who wants some fun. But they wont get it from me. If i tell them something like, 1000L for 30 mins, then they run. lol So i think its mostly the men who want sex in SL. I hardly met any women like that. Now looking back, i somehow can see why my SL-wife didnt trust me. Probably she thinks "all men are the same"... or most of them.
  4. I like to meet people, and make some money here by selling things. I don't need pixel sex in SL, i can have that in RL, besides that its more fun in RL. Also i am very helpful when someone needs help, and a good listener when someone needs to talk. Not interested in SL-Relationships. The last time i had sex in SL was almost a year ago with my SL-wife. We were together for over 2 years. Well when we broke up she accused me of screwing another girl behind her back, but we were only cuddling and talking She was like a daughter to me, but she wanted more, so we did a little flirting too. But i know when its time to stop. And i know, just flirting can be called "cheating" too. My wife even thought that i was "dating" that girl. But i am not trying to explain anymore, nobody listened to us, so be it. If they think that way thats their problem. We know better. I'll just shut up and let her think that we had sex... nobody can prove that we didnt do it. And theres a little difference between cuddling and sex. But thats the way it goes i guess. I learned my lesson. I changed my avi into a pet avi and am only doing my shops in SL, nothing else. No Sex = No Drama
  5. this is obsolete and can be deleted
  6. thanks for your answers. I have also noticed... When i am in SL with my partner and try to add some RP they would sometimes react totally different than what i would expect. So basically i would talk IC and they talk OOC. Not always, but sometimes... I mean... just an example: If a Master wants his sub/slave to take a break from building and come with him, she can't just say "let me finish this" or "you sound rude". Thats a totally wrong response. (( or if i use doube brackets to talk ooc, they would talk ooc too but WITHOUT double brackets ))
  7. I found out one of my Alt accounts is placed 'On Hold'. I really don't know why... But i have rarely used that account anyway, so i am not worried about it. Does LL expect me to do something? And what happens if they don't hear from me? Who knows how long that account has been on hold... could be a couple months or so. But like i said, i am not worried about it...
  8. I have noticed, sometimes people mix up RP with RL/OOC. Or if they have different alts, it would confuse them. Let me give you an example: "M" doesn't want "K" to visit any Gor sims. He says "you are not allowed to ..." A couple months later... They are still together but on new alts. And she would still think that he doesnt want her to visit any Gor sims. But... He only wanted "K" to stay away from Gor sims. (and only this one alt of hers). Do you understand what i mean? Sometimes it seems people mix up RP with OOC. Or... If they have a little fight/discussion, it would lead into an RL fight and they would get angry for real. ((One sentence i remember from a RP: "dont give me sh*t i get that in RL all the time"...)) Why is that? Why do people sometimes mix RP with OOC? And how can i prevent that? PS: We are not always emoting. Sometimes, instead of saying /me crosses his arms, glares at you "why did you do that?" i would just say "why did you do that?"
  9. i think i found the store you've been looking for. I sent you the lm in world. I went there and found "your" shirt too, its called FrillFrill. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oamaru%20Bay/113/46/21
  10. I have seen it a couple times... Some designers seem to just "run off" and close their store without saying a word. Why would they do that? Makes me wonder if they would really leave SL like that, or if they just making a "fresh start". Actually, i was talking to one designer years ago and she said something like, she could just drop everything and start fresh under a new name if she wanted to, and nobody would know. And i do know some of her alts, which she used to have as models. So if she would start fresh under a new name then her account would be a little older already :/ What do you think, are those designers really leaving SL? Or would they rather start fresh under a new name? Or maybe they even just want to be "regular" residents and being able to just enjoy SL? who knows...
  11. My alt wants to know... Sometimes i need some "alone time" for building or working on photoshop while i am logged in. And theres always a few people who want to talk or hang with me. But i dont want to be rude, so i stop working on my project and spend time with them. But i need time to concentrate on my work too sometimes. Should i use an alt that nobody knows about? Just for making things? Or how would other Builders/designers handle it? I am sure they want to be able to enjoy SL too and have fun sometimes...
  12. Just wondering if all the objects will stay on the sim when i buy a sim from someone? (full transfer). From what i have seen before, some sims that changed ownership would appear at a different spot on the map. And someone i've asked told me, LL would "delete" the old sim and put a new sim under my name when it's being transferred to me. Now i am a bit confused... But i would like to keep all objects on the sim when i buy it. Is that possible?
  13. I am thinking about buying a grandfathered sim from someone else. But the price for his sim is higher than for a "regular" sim. Do i still have to pay the "grandfather" price when i buy the sim from him? Or do the monthly fees change? I mean, he told me something like he pays 300 some dollars per month. But i think a regular sim would be cheaper, right?
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