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  1. So..I'm planning on upgrading my old avatar to full BOM mesh; looking into a mesh body and head. A little unsure about how to integrate Mesh Head, Body, shape and skins all together. I plan on playing with my mesh body and head using sliders to make it my own look. I read somewhere that it's best to use the default Shape than came with your Mesh Body when you are in the process of fitting your new Mesh Head. However, a new Head skin also comes with it's own Shape. So..do I use the default shape that came with the Head Skin instead? Is there a correct order to install all the different mesh components? like adjust Mesh Body Shape first and then head? or vice versa?
  2. So I own a small, narrow Mainland plot. I have my Media settings to "Always Ask" and Media Auto play "ON". I like listening to my land's radio stream as I log in and wait for things to rezz. However, I notice that if I wander to close to the borders of my land, I begin to pick up about 2-3 different media streams from my neighbor's TV and land radio. It gets very distracting and I have to the media settings and turn them off one by one. Is there a way to restrict the media so I can listen to just those on my parcel? I have actually tried to set it for " Nearby Media: In This Parcel" but it still plays my neighbor's streams when I get too close to my border.
  3. Oh right, it's a fee not a tax. Oops. Thanks for clarifying that up.
  4. Ok I checked my Account settings and it says I am Exempt from VAT. If I am also exempt from USA Sales tax, why is there a tax (usually 40 cents) everytime I put in an instant Linden dollar buy?
  5. Wait..will this bump me up to a higher tier? I'd like to avoid that. I just made the group and it only has me and my alt. There are zero contributions or land deeded to the group currently. When I try to individually deed land to the group, it says my maximum contribution is 512 sq m. However the parcel I want to deed over to the group is 2048 sq m. My intention is to deed the entire parcel over to the group and still stay in my current 2048 land tier. Ok I just re-read both your reply and Qie's reply and I think I understand it now. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to deed a parcel that I just purchased to my land group, consisting of my alt and I, so I can take advantage of the 10% land bonus. Since I already purchased the land, when I go to my Group's Land / Asset tab, it says my max contribution is only 512 sq meters. Does the option under About Land, the one called "Owner Makes Contribution with Deed" basically give all of my land, even if it exceeds 512 sq meters, to the Group? Are there any negatives to doing this?
  7. Hmmm yeah I need to go into my Account settings and check. I do see the msg "VAT" appear everytime I purchase instant Lindens though..and not "sales tax". Thanks guys!
  8. Was just reading about SL's VAT policy and how it only affects EU residents. For a while now, I've been paying VAT on instant Linden purchases and I live in the USA. I don't pay VAT on the buy/sell orders. Do USA residents pay VAT as well? Haven't been able to find much info on this..
  9. So..I have a radio stream on my current land that I really enjoy listening to..I believe its called KFM or K-FM. Its a mix of pop/dance. It seems to be a popular station as I have heard it in a few other places in SL. I forgot the stream URL, its on my land settings but I don't have access to SL right now and I'd like to listen to it at my RL work office. Does anyone know the stream URL for that station? Thanks!
  10. Thank you Wherongani for that tip. That is exactly what I was planning. Just requires a bit of timing. I like that method because it lets me decide, ahead of time, the maximum that I'm willing to pay. If I am outbid, then so be it cause I'm need to stick to my budget/limit and not go crazy with bid after bid.
  11. Yeah I actually was bidding on a sailable waterfront parcel last week..it got snatched by a real estate company at the last minute. Then the company turned it around and put it up for sale at 3X the auction sale price. I was extremely disappointed. Yes, I figured to take advantage of premium for mainland purchases cause of the bonus tier. I've rented from private estates before and I kind of like the idea of having more control and freedom to do what I want with my land hence the mainland this time around.
  12. Thanks so much Alwin..that explains it a lot better! I'm not sure if I want to pay $15/month for tier but $8/mo is do-able for me. I've been looking at land auctions so you inadvertenly answered another question..whether I should abandon my bonus linden home land right before an auction ends to avoid increase in tier. Some related questions: 1. if I purchase 1024 parcel and a 512 parcel in the same sim, I can combine the prims into one place, correct? 2. Dumb question, but how do I know where one sim stops and another sim starts? 3. I was thinking of doing the group thing to buy. However, you need to buy the land from the group menu BEFORE the actual purchase? Meaning you can't deed land to the group after you've purchased it to gain the bonus. Is there a way for a group to bid on auction land? Thanks
  13. I'm a little confused about the max land size allowed per Mainland tier. I'm thinking of gettting a 2048 sq meter parcel which is $15/month. However does this tier kick in only after I exceed the 2048 sq m? Like if I went to 2049 or more? I have Premium so I was thinking that 2048 sq m. minus the bonsu 512 sq. m. puts me well below the 2048 threshold....so I would only be paying $8 / month and not $15? Or am I not reading this correctly? Does the $8 / month only apply to parcels of sizes between 1025 to 1536 sq. meters? Thanks in advance.
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