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  1. I made a group about a month ago. Today I went to change my tag and my group was no longer there on my group list. I went to my land information to see if my group was still deeded to the land. the group was still attacthed to the land. I looked at the group info and the group name wouldnt load in the group profile and the group owner said nobody. I never kicked myself out of the group, it seems there is some type of issue or clitch. Im looking for away to fix it or for someone to let me know if they had the same issue. Thank you.
  2. That happen to me the other day. I just went ahead and got them over again, I was in a rush that's why. If you find out why could you contact me also.
  3. Im trying to send invites for a baby shower and I have a very large list. I wanted to know if there was a way that I could send all of my invites out at the same time. If there is a way could you please post the URL or the information on where to get it in your answers. Thank You!!!!!!
  4. I bought some items from marketplace. Some of the items came in world and i clicked accept....when I went to my inventory to rez them there was nothing there. I cleared my cache many times and remained in place for 5 mins well longer.
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