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  1. Ohh ..i've purchased some L$ today ( like 800 L$ ) even if i don't need to buy any L$ but to sell them .. and i still have the limit for selling 0.00$ ..Why ? I got a message from LL telling me that i get a rank ..etc ..but i'm still limited and can't sell any lindens ..Please help me ..Seems that nobody wants to give me the right answer to my questions even submiting a ticket ..no answer Tjhank you so much for your help guys !
  2. Hello .. I've tried to sell my L$ via LindeX but i always get an error message saying that my limit is 0.00$ . I don't really know how to exceed my limit per day/week/month ? Should i buy some L$ first ? I don't want to buy any L$ as i can make them in-world ..Please , can you guide me and tell me what should i do exactly ? Thank you .
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