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  1. No offense but this advice does not work for me at all, I don't feel the need to hide away I just wanted to know if there are places or people out there who don't care about males playing as females.
  2. In general I don't really look much anymore as very few guys are interested in dating a female AV who is open about being a gay male in RL but if I was to pick an ideal guy... He would need to be upfront, honest, funny, well proportioned not too muscular, ideally blonde or a red head and has an up to date avatar. He'd also need to be online at least a few times a week or whats the point right. Tho I also would want someone who gets that we both deserve space too and that sometimes RL does indeed prevent time in SL. If he exists I'll be surprised but pass him my name lol
  3. Thank you everyone, you have all definitely improved my mood around this whole topic. I am just going to keep being true to myself living my truthfully and fabulously. I feel recharged from this thread quite honestly 🙂
  4. Oh yay I definitely will, can't wait to make a bunch of new friends 😄
  5. Oh definitely reach out in world and say hi, I'd love to make a new friend and am more than happy to help you figure stuff out if I can too 🙂
  6. SL was a place I could come and be social in a way that worked for me. I suffer from depression, social anxiety and have had terrible periods of agoraphobia and so in SL I could dress how I want, look how I want and feel connected to people when I was going through a bad time. Sadly my old crowd has mostly moved on so now while I still come online it's more to explore and shop as I don't really have a friend group anymore and have no idea where to start lol
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been in SL for nearly 12 years on and off but recently came back after a much longer break and all my old crowd has gone pretty much. I'm a RL gay male who plays SL as a female mostly just because I love the fashion and the excess of options. I have always been "one of the girls" but now I'm alone and I am struggling to find a new crowd to hang with. I'm 34 years old, from London UK for I now live in New Jersey USA. I play openly and it states my real gender in my profile. In RL I enjoy TV, Movies, Drag & In SL I enjoy Fashion, Beauty, Decor, Dancing, Exploring and I'm not really looking for sex or relationships beyond friendship/family. I Any help would be great and if you like the sound of me reach out here or in SL :)
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