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  1. It is not a problem of emai set in SL account web. Example: I receive offlime IM to email from avatars, but not from scripts. I have a visit scripted box and I do not receve anymore offline mesasges since 2 or 3 days. Nor from groups. Anyway ONLY 1 arrived yesterday and normally I receive from marketplace.

  2. to buoyancy your avatar you hae to wear (on body or as HUD) an object wit a script like this:

    float glgLiv=0.05;
            llSetHoverHeight(glgLiv, TRUE, 1);
    With this script only It will allow you to detect water level and bouyancy at horizon. You will be trapped at that level.

    To build a swimmer is not easy, need to activate the right animations at right moment. I worked on it 1 year. Look here:


    if you want i gift you it, call me in world


  3. BE CAREFULLLLL this is not PG!!

    Look at CLOCK not at girls! They are mine...

    Special Zodiacal clock with a GEOCENTRIC sideral planetarium and animations!

    (This is not advertisament, just I like to show my works)

    This is a huge clock, good for public and private space. 
    It work with PST time, but from menu is possible to set the timezone.

    I use it in my harem to joke with girls asking them "what time is it?", so they sit on hands and dance showing with their bodies the current time. OOooOOo 

    At center of clock there is a texture of Moon and it rotate in perfect agree with RL Moon showing the current Phase of Moon in RL and the glow is variable depending from current moon size phase.

    The center part of clock, the golden part, is the palnetarium place and is CLICKABLE. This planetarium is GEOCENTRIC. This mean it is not a simulation of the Solar System known as modern science with Sun at center of the system (eliocentric system), but the center of this geocentric system is the Earth (Geòs). This is useful to have the result of planets positions on Zodiac immediately. Infact the geocetric system is wrong in theory, but it is very useful as a tool to obtain informations very immediate and precise. The planetarium contains almost all Ephemerides of a century, so you can ask planets positions of a day or the animation of the system during a whole year.

    Planets , Sun and Moon are clickable, so they show the exact data in local chat. When clicking on them is better to zoom on planet to avoid a wrong click on the palnetarium background structure. 
    Example asking for Christmas 2010 say: 
    LOOKAT 12252010 
    and clicking on Sun and Venus you obtain 
    "sun: is in Capricorn in:03° 04' at sideral time: Sa 25 DEC 2010 06:13:36" 
    "ven: is in Scorpio in:17° 05' at sideral time: Sa 25 DEC 2010 06:13:36" 
    and the time HMS is infact the sideral time and is not the solar time that we usually use, but this is a detail only for astronomers, and not useful for this scope in Second Life.

    For more details look at youtube description or in marketplace.

    Michelangelo Rossini

    clock mici_008 2.png


  4. A little movie to show how is possible to swim in Second Life.The avatar is subject at physic laws written in the scripts. It bouys and when forcing the avatar under water, for the Archimede principle written in the scropt, it bring the avatar again at surface, unless forcing to stay under water.While swimming wit different style are hearable several swim sounds. Are settable different speeds.

    Have fun!

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