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  1. So putting up some new items in Marketplace, I know the first item you use a demo for is linked. But forgot at this time and linked it by accident to an Adult item I really did not want it linked to. 

    Do I have to delete and make a new demo item? Or can you reroute the link at all?


  2. for those without Twitter (thanks for the link)

    We are performing unscheduled maintenance. Some residents may experience login issues and residents in-world may be logged off.


    We have it here too.. both hubby and I cannot log in, tried diff browsers, diff avis, it keeps deleting the password :matte-motes-angry:

    I'm guessing the "unscheduled maintenance" means something big went *bang*

  3. Why has this been changed? I and my friends (I checked) now have to log into the SL website and Marketplace every few hours? This is irritating as hell.

    No I haven't changed cookie settings, nor has the several other friends I asked about it. 

    Can we please have it back so we don't have to relog every couple of hours?


    I'm on my own computer at home so "for your security" doesn't fly. As I'm on MP several times a day and checking things in the regular site (why the seperate login anyway? They're the same site!) it's really annoying and starting to make me avoid bothering with the site. 

    I've also been checking news, forums, and knowledge base for answers but found nada.

  4. I would say Marketplace would be your best bet at the moment.

    I know I'm making clothes for all mesh bodies as fast as I can and that includes appliers as well as mesh (and fitmesh which isn't easy to get as I don't make my own)


    Good luck

  5. I just got notified an item was removed 

    "Removed under our Intellectual Property Policy"

    But the outfit was made by me, from full perm items bought or images I uploaded and there's no details why... what the hell do I do?? I'm really upset as I thought up this costume on my own and made it, it's not based on anything except mine. The intellectual property rights are MINE. 

    Is there any way to recind this??

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