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  1. Is it possible to give us windowed pop-ups, like inventory and chat, that you can slide over to the other monitors. I think that would be a innovation I could use.
  2. In my time in SL many new worlds have poped up and we stayed put. We have a lot of time, energy, and money invested in our creation. Build your new world if you see fit but we, (our group, our continent, our world), are not going anywhere. With that in mind, if your creation is not part of SL, it will be one more new world we do not care about. We are actually pretty content with SL and what we have created. Enhance it or leave us alone. No offense but I could care less about a new competing world. Now if you really want to do something, give us windowed pop-ups, like inventory and chat, that I can slide over to the other monitors. THAT would be a innovation I could use!
  3. Hey Wayfinder, This whole communications issue to me seems a reconnect of LL wanting to know why they are bleeding sims... Is it people are unhappy? Frankly I do not think so, I think it is purely economic. When you rent stores in the only mall it gives the mall owner a lot of power over profits, but when other investors start seeing your profits and start opening their own malls with lower rents... It is bad business for the store "owners" (sim "owners") to not at least look at these other malls, and if the origonal mall owner really wants to retain its people, they really need to look at remaining competitive and not just talk more... I mean does LL really need to talk more about the concern I have for my SL business? The way I see it, they now have more to lose than I do if I close down because they make a higher percentage of profit than I do now from my business. Do they think talking about that will change anything or effect their bottom line or mine? I really don't need them to care for me personally but i do need them to care about grid performance, fair business practices, bringing in new people, and being competative. I never really wanted the "need" of having to talk to them anyways as when I do it's never a good thing. LL does not need or want to know the average user's opinion of them. Now what about this shiney alpha? Or how about true reflection? hmmmmmm
  4. Interesting, so now we move comments completely off any SL website to improve communications... Ummm, yeah, sure, sounds like a plan... but if I may say... One must have communications in order to improve them. See, as a business and participant in SL, this is how I view it... Your like the mob boss silent partner. Me; Business is way down, is search working? You; I don't care, pay me. Me; You know, you are making more then I am in this now... You; I don't care, pay me. Me; Can we talk about ways to improve my business in SL? You; Thats your problem, Pay me! Me; Can I point out that if I go under you loss more then I do? You; I don't care, pay me! Me; Well SL has been really buggy this month and sales are way down, suppose I am just a little short? You; You will be locked out, your business will be burned to the ground so STFU and Pay Me! What I just wrote is not a dramatization, this is EXACTLY the way I see LL's role in SL. And don't kid yourself, I write this to vent with no delusion it will mean anything or be read by LL, and if it is read, they will surely not understand it. I been in SL longer than most Lindens. But did someone say something about shiney alpha textures?
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