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  1. Yup that did it - thanks guys! For some reason I could have sworn I did try this and it did NOT work; but I went back tonight and tried it again - and it fixed it right up! (The Perky vs. natural vs pushup positons). Now just a few tops left that aren't working right so more likely they were poorly or mislabeled/poorly made than anything bigger. Whew, I figured it was something easy I was missing - it was getting way too complicated and common a problem!
  2. So I'm new to the whole "Bento" Body thing, so maybe I'm missing something obvious. I've got the Belleza Freyja Bento Body and the outfits I'm trying to make work all state they are designed for this exact body. They are all from large/reputable vendors so I don't think its 'made badly'. But I'm starting to wonder if every picture of Bento Women tops are lying. Because I quite simply, no matter what I do, get the alpha/breast shapes/top outlines to line up. Not a single one of these works right. None of them fit on the chest/breast area the w
  3. OK well its all well and good to have non-poseball furniture. And I'd love to hear the names of some of these non-poseball furniture vendors (especially the Adult Animation ones please!). But the fact is, the problem is just as prevalent for my friend on the non-poseball furniture. the POSEBALLS are not hte problem. Somethign else is. ANd its whiggy and inconsistent and we are at a loss to try and fix it. THe original problem still stands. Poseballs or not. He can't get the furniture to work for him reliably or consistently. He can't get menus to come up (for the non-poseball st
  4. man I'd like to hear feedback on this too.. It seems good ones that do NOT use poseballs are yea, either really rare or impossible to find where you can try out the non-poseball Version. The ones I've tried, or cheap enough to buy sight unseen, that don't require poseballs are...iffy.. at best. Not so user friendly or easily adjustable sometimes. Or so difficult to line up, or so laggy... And yea 10 bucks is a bit much to spend sight unseen when the poseballs aren't always working right either. Or when your furniture is buggy (with the poseballs) somewhere else... I hadn't started scr
  5. Yea, ObviousAlts. I thought of that. Unfortunately, its not consistent across furniture brands or type. As I said, we've used a piece of furniture just fine one night and gone back a week later and he can't get anythign on it to work. Now I have noticed xpose is more buggy (and sometimes just plain flips out on ya lol), but we've had the same problem with TNT and most of the others. But those have also worked sometimes too. And I DID check for AO, and always ask him that every single time. "Is your AO off." And yea I can tell when it is or isn't, really easily. So that isn't it, at l
  6. Evening! Been struggling with this for awhile now and I"m just stumped. i'm a long year (and years and years) user of SL, and the problem is with a friend of mine - whom I brought to the game a couple months ago. I'm not having any of these issues, and I never have...so Id on't know what's going on but its getting in the way of his enjoyment of being here. And that sucks! Cuz its nice to have company! XD In any case, he's finding that its very hit or miss when he tries to interact with Furntiure (with Menus or Poseball Driven Furniture). Yes, that includes the adult furniutre - bu
  7. Yea..its so great to go to something "Official". ANd have it lead to you literally dead, non-existant sims. No really, not dead as in "noone's ever there." But dead in as "um..this place doesn't exist anymore." Or dead as in only partially built because it was taken down a long time ago... Speaks to professionalism and how important it is...yup. *chuckles and sighs*
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