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  1. Yup that did it - thanks guys! For some reason I could have sworn I did try this and it did NOT work; but I went back tonight and tried it again - and it fixed it right up! (The Perky vs. natural vs pushup positons). Now just a few tops left that aren't working right so more likely they were poorly or mislabeled/poorly made than anything bigger. Whew, I figured it was something easy I was missing - it was getting way too complicated and common a problem!
  2. So I'm new to the whole "Bento" Body thing, so maybe I'm missing something obvious. I've got the Belleza Freyja Bento Body and the outfits I'm trying to make work all state they are designed for this exact body. They are all from large/reputable vendors so I don't think its 'made badly'. But I'm starting to wonder if every picture of Bento Women tops are lying. Because I quite simply, no matter what I do, get the alpha/breast shapes/top outlines to line up. Not a single one of these works right. None of them fit on the chest/breast area the way they are in the pictures, the way they are designed, and it doesn't matter how big or small I make the breasts. They just flatly do not work and do not line up. When I use the alphas to obscure the body for the outfit fabric, it works except of course where the outfit doesn't cover the skin - and then you get the transparent body effect. The alphas of the Freyja Body do not line up with any of the tops of the outfits, not even close. I've got tons of areas where I'm seeing through the body itself because the 'fabric' of the outfit just doesn't cover that part. And if I turn the alpha back 'on' it blocks the fabric itself with now bare skin. And I get a unusable in public NSFW, "boobs out!" top. I thought the point of alpha and bento bodies was to get clothes that fit/work better. I see women in outfits all over the place that don't seem to have this issue of 'see-through' body parts with various tops, but I can't get any of these tops to fit or work at all without gaps - making them basically unuseable. Lingerie, swimsuits, dress-tops, top-half of evening gowns - doesn't matter. If its not a straight-simple bra-line, It just doesn't line up or work, at all. And reducing breast size down to 0, gives the exact same results, no improvement at all. Please help! What am I missing here?! I've got literally dozens of tops and dresses that have this issue, yet all of them are pictured and advertised as built for being able to 'fit right' on my bento brand body. Also in case it matters: I'm speaking of the 'Full Bento" with Full body alpha, body. NOT BoM converted body. The clothes I speak of are meant for 'full bento' body and not BoM conversion. If that's what I"m doing wrong - let me know! (if pictures would help let me know and I can post them up tonight!)
  3. OK well its all well and good to have non-poseball furniture. And I'd love to hear the names of some of these non-poseball furniture vendors (especially the Adult Animation ones please!). But the fact is, the problem is just as prevalent for my friend on the non-poseball furniture. the POSEBALLS are not hte problem. Somethign else is. ANd its whiggy and inconsistent and we are at a loss to try and fix it. THe original problem still stands. Poseballs or not. He can't get the furniture to work for him reliably or consistently. He can't get menus to come up (for the non-poseball stuff too). The furniture either just doesn't act for him, or he gets the menu to come up and then "sits" (or brings up teh menu to sit) on the animated furniture - but nothing animates him. No AO on. I do the same thing he does, and it works great for me 100% of the time. He does it and we're talking like 60% of the time its broken.. And as I said, even on furniture he COULD use one night - literally the NEXT NIGHT we went back to the SAME place and the furniture would not work for him This was NOT-poseball furniture. But the "new" type. Soooo... any other ideas? Because its still the same problem buying furniture. If we don't nkow what's keeping him from being able to work it 100% of the time then how can I spend 10 or 20 bucks buying the latest and greatest tech if he can't use it 100% of the time? (And yes still gotta try the suggestions from ya Pussycat..sorry yea I had no idea that wasnt' your handle officialy like some SL designation LOL)
  4. man I'd like to hear feedback on this too.. It seems good ones that do NOT use poseballs are yea, either really rare or impossible to find where you can try out the non-poseball Version. The ones I've tried, or cheap enough to buy sight unseen, that don't require poseballs are...iffy.. at best. Not so user friendly or easily adjustable sometimes. Or so difficult to line up, or so laggy... And yea 10 bucks is a bit much to spend sight unseen when the poseballs aren't always working right either. Or when your furniture is buggy (with the poseballs) somewhere else... I hadn't started screening for cuddle ones that are ALSO good sex ones. However, I do know that the Garden of Dreams Adult Sim, *GOD*, makes and sells its own skyboxes, scenes, and just the seperate furniture. ANd I do know they specifically have cuddle oriented furniture, and mixed cuddle +A content. And reasonable prices. These DO use poseballs, and of course are attached to the furniture itself, which you would need to place. Not HUDS though. Looking around It seemed more that I was going to need to get two HUDS, or one of the very nice, if a little buggy, customizeable ones that I can then buy the cuddle animation sets in and add to manually. Not sure which route would really be cheaper. I'll have to check out a few of those. I don't think I've seen Sweetest Love, and AnimAlive. I've seen Aphrodite's *nods* Vista I've never heard of.
  5. Yea, ObviousAlts. I thought of that. Unfortunately, its not consistent across furniture brands or type. As I said, we've used a piece of furniture just fine one night and gone back a week later and he can't get anythign on it to work. Now I have noticed xpose is more buggy (and sometimes just plain flips out on ya lol), but we've had the same problem with TNT and most of the others. But those have also worked sometimes too. And I DID check for AO, and always ask him that every single time. "Is your AO off." And yea I can tell when it is or isn't, really easily. So that isn't it, at least not anymore. Advisor: Ahh I did not know that about the message and cap. I've never shown or asked him about whether he clears out his messages. I know he's so Second Life struggling with the UI and making sense of it, joining groups is somethign we've not yet covered its why I avoid the "groups only furniture" places right now. I shall defintely check that next time. I shall also check the rendering and LOD. It is entirely possible its just taking him for fricking ever to load the pose balls. I have noticed some furniture where the poseballs end up buggy themselves, stuck into furniture you can't get to etc. But no, unfrotunately at least in the lands and sites we've been to - all teh fancier stuff still uses Poseballs or Pose Shapes (like hearts..). So it has not been we've run into a plethora of scenes with furniture we've liked that just didnt' have poseballs. And even those were still buggy. And even him sitting on the poseballs he actually sees is still buggy. Like it will ask me to animate my AO, but not him. And he has his off. He sees teh poseball and he can "sit" but its the default sit. And if there is another menu option like "Cuddle" or "Love", sometimes its greyed out he can't even pick it. It is wierdly not-rule consistent . How woudl I check for ghost animations? Just have him do it naked? He does know how to check the "wearing" tab for items I tell him to remove, like alphas or HUDs he doesn't want to see or extra armored clothing or the AO or whatever.
  6. Evening! Been struggling with this for awhile now and I"m just stumped. i'm a long year (and years and years) user of SL, and the problem is with a friend of mine - whom I brought to the game a couple months ago. I'm not having any of these issues, and I never have...so Id on't know what's going on but its getting in the way of his enjoyment of being here. And that sucks! Cuz its nice to have company! XD In any case, he's finding that its very hit or miss when he tries to interact with Furntiure (with Menus or Poseball Driven Furniture). Yes, that includes the adult furniutre - but really its any furniture you have to "click on" and then "sit" (or sit on the poseball) for animation purposes.. Sometimes they work fine. No issues. But other times, they dn't work at all. Either he never gets the "menu" to come up, or he never sees the Poseballs, or when he tries to sit on them they dno't give him the option to. Or when he sits is the "default SIT" in game (as you do defaulting to sit on any item...). And no matter what we do, we can't get him interacting with the furniture 'as intended' and then have to go someplace else and try again with different furniture. Which again sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Sometimes the exact same furniture that worked fine one night, doesn't another night. Its not just furniture that requires group titles (as I sometimes suspected this might have been in..). But also furniture that doesn't. I've specifically tested this theory, too. Its not that he has an AO on. For a long time he had no AO because he had some freebie clothing and the base Avatar. He only recently got his First AO, and now knows how to turn it off. But both before and after AO - it was hit or miss in getting furniture to work. He's got the default "linden provided" game viewer, the one that I use. I have no idea what it is that's going on..or what he needs to fix about his Preferences or somethign maybe?? that would solve this... GAH!! As you can imagine its very frustrating!!
  7. Yea..its so great to go to something "Official". ANd have it lead to you literally dead, non-existant sims. No really, not dead as in "noone's ever there." But dead in as "um..this place doesn't exist anymore." Or dead as in only partially built because it was taken down a long time ago... Speaks to professionalism and how important it is...yup. *chuckles and sighs*
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