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  1. Thank you for the very kewel little tutorial, Suella I'll have a go at it soon.
  2. I am just thinking that PJIRA and Support ticket Queues should be visibly unified with this. I mean, for one, many of the Answers to Questions will be "Post/Vote in PJIRA Bug Tracker) and "File a Support Ticket". And, well, as a community, both of those more formal functions need to have their Quality on display, IMHO. "Make Quality Visible" is an important part of meeting the challenges in this system of a Virtual World.
  3. I thought this nerdy kid from Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg, already invented The Facebook. Well, I guess Billionaire would be an adjective that could be used for Mr. Zuckerberg as well. I am just really happy that all 10 Million of us manage to achieve 60,000 concurrent sessions, more or less. Only a little less than five years ago, concurrency of 8,000 was a major event. Of course, the grid would usually go down, but, I like to celebrate the positives. I wonder when the Browser based version of WoW will be released? I suppose maybe the tech is good enough to at least try this Viewer 2... Now
  4. Welcome Rod! Nice to see more Devs and MMORPG Business people comming in house. Here is exactly what you will be meeting: Technical and artistic genius fettered by mediocrity and hobbled by lacluster Western organizational culture. Job one would be intercept the failures to compute that are in evidence by such things as this example: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2734
  5. I am very hopeful that they will never deprecate Viewer 1.23.5, well, at least until say, Viewer 1.27.6 is stable, bug free, and mesh enabled. Off-topic, I was in a nighclub last night, and there were people named stuff like Buffy.StJohn Resident!! /Me smirks, scoffs, says: Well, if it is that much fun, have at it. *giggles* *smiles broadly* *winks*
  6. Right then. Strides? Strewth? Had there been any strides, I would have noticed, thank you. I just closed three tickets or cases that had not gotten response. I'd appreciate your not hanging curry on me, mates. Why not get the jargon or nomenclature consistent too whilst you are making improvements? It's a cultural thing you know? And, at the heart, a bit like Watts as opposed to Volt-Amps. If I notice any strides, well, I'll celebrate with you all. Still, despite all, the technology is semi-nice and a good toy for adults with leisure time to play. I've gotten bunnies now, and they are gr
  7. The only value is a product that delights and engages the customer, and which causes the customer to want to spend money for the product, and to invite friends to use the product. That must be real, deliverable delight.
  8. I have noticed that, in addition to what I have expressed, a few other Commentators are going to the thought of a top level use case choice input by the resident. There was the skinning option, and then mine and another's use case selection schemas. You know, the first few orbital missions of the united States' Space Transportation System were conducted under a configuaration in which the Flight Computer had only 4kb of RAM. The microwave radio modem was pretty warm most of the time, loading and unloding small modules and data sets sent from the surface of the earth. I just note this, as, w
  9. This is a stimulating collection of thought. I am happy you spoke ambiguously, Q, otherwise I may not have been drawn in. When I think of a tool, the archetype of "tool", I go to the image of the knife. In many ways, more powerful than a lever or a wheel in terms of human culture. On a camping trip, I want a Swiss Army Knife. In the Surgical theater, I would want my physician to have a scalpel. At the dinner table, I want a still different edged tool. Understanding in a simplistic way the multi-varate test modern applications must meet in the wild, and how stacking tolerances in sytems rapi
  10. Congratulations Kim! Welcome to our world !
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