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  1. For the last week, I have had numerous issues with staying connected to Second Life and the lag as become so bad, I can't load hardly anything. I have great internet and my graphics card is compatible with SL. I don't understand what the issue is lately. Did they even do sim restarts recently? If not, we need it.
  2. LaFourche Crossing is a brand new RP, owned by Jeremiah and Amira Xuanzang. Five sims make up the town, giving an authentic feel of south-eastern America. Nestled in the swamps of Louisiana is the small town of Lafourche Crossing, a place laden with history, mystery and tradition. At first glance, the newly remodeled buildings of this classical town center seem friendly and inviting. However, citizens will tell you there are secrets to be found, and questions to be answered.  There are forces mingling along the edges of the mist, all with special interests in the direction this small town takes. One being the self-proclaimed Queen of the Swamp. No one is left unmoved by an encounter with her. There are some however that would warn you to use caution when dealing with her and use this motto often: “Ira Regina Mors Est” It is wise to take this caveat to heart. Story After a rash of killings in the mid-1970’s, Lafourche Crossing had almost lost its incorporation status as a city. Residents of this small town fled in fear as these deaths could never be solved. While some thought it was a drifter, others felt it was “The Big One” a gator, feared for not only its size but it’s unusual strength. As time passed, a series of setbacks would spread across the area; from contaminated water to an eventual drought that all but destroyed the fishing industry in the area. With a population dwindling below 150, businesses closed and anyone who still lived in the area had to travel well out of their way for jobs. Years later, a pair of massive hurricanes would move through and finish off most of the city. With Lafourche Crossing and the surrounding parish underwater, people had no choice but to move out and move on. One resident would remain, the lady in the swamp. Rumors had swirled around her for years, but to some, she was known as a direct descendant of THE Marie Laveau, and had been taught the ways of both Voodoo and Santeria from a young age. Her studies in numerous ancient paths and traditions had made her well known in some circles as specializing in rare, original voodoo occult items, from hand-made magical fetishes and wards, to voodoo statues and good luck charms. Many believed that she used her knowledge and abilities to contain the darkness deep in the swamp, and she was soon known to offer charms to any who chose to return to the area. In recent years, many have returned to the Louisiana Bayou, opening businesses and settling in with their families. Workers had even been able to refurbish older buildings to their original state and reestablish the town municipal services. Whether through coincidence or the conjurations of Priestess Laveau, Lafourche Crossing seems to be thriving. http://lafourchecrossing-rp.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lafourche%20Crossing/129/195/1499 https://www.flickr.com/groups/lafourchecrossing-rp/  As storylines develop, the RP is gaining new members daily. Those who enjoy the authentic southern feel will enjoy LaFourche Crossing. If you want to build a lasting storyline and be under the guidance of a trustworthy team of admins and moderaters, this is the place for you. Latest Story! Two bull sharks were spotted just off the coast of LaFourche Crossing, confirming that the death of Jonathan White, a local fisherman was the result of a shark attack!
  3. I have begun selling skateboards on MP, however I lack a decent skateboard animation. The one I have just isn't up to par with what I want these boards to be. I have searched all over second life and sadly my scripting and animating skills are slim to none. I have found a creator who's made a very good animation set for skateboarding, however after numerous attempts to get in touch with her, I have gone ignored. I'm desperate. If anyone has any idea where I can find one, please give me a notecard, or a link or LM to the place I can buy them.
  4. Are you presently purchasing your own Second Life home but are having difficulties with decorating? Do you need some help to optimize your space and create a relaxing and comfortable environment for you and your virtual loved ones? Look no further! I am offering my services to anyone in need of decorating their homes, apartments, rooms, businesses, land plots and more. We will begin with a free consultation so we can get a feel for one another and I can learn a little about you and your tastes. I will see the space you need designed and I will make you an offer. Prices may vary depending on the space and size of the job. Payment is due before the job begins. They will not exceed more than 5000L and that's a promise. Once the job is complete, we will take a tour of the space and we can use that time to make any changes to ensure we both walk away happy. I offer a money back guarantee, however if you choose to ask for your money back I will keep a retainer fee of 300L for my work. This is to ensure my efforts are not wasted. Please see example pics below! I will need mod rights over your furniture items so I can complete the task efficiently. Once the job is done, you may remove my rights. Please see me in world or send a NC to Mordred Leodhais. Thanks!
  5. Oh thank god! I was going nuts thinking my account was corrupted for good. Thank you so much! I set my log in to home and it fixed it. Thanks again!
  6. Just to add something, the names that float above avatars aren't visible for myself or anyone else. I can't even IM friends or teleport anywhere without SL crashing.
  7. My alternate account works fine to start with. This name for some reason is giving me issues. Logging in seems to be okay but it gives me the requesting regional capabilities 1 through 3 attempts while it is logging in. I have no groups, my friends aren't loading and my avatar isn't loading fully. I don't know what to do to fix this, I've done several clean reinstalls, even restored my computer but nothing is working. Can someone please help me?
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