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  1. I might be interested. Although I have to notify you in advance that I do not use clothing in SL and I have one of those GIANT sized wonkers. Is that a deal breaker? lol j/k
  2. OK I did a little research a while back Linden Labs was trying to develop a VR based grid separate from the normal SL Gird. it was called SANSAR. But it was abandoned recently and was sold off to a small company. Here is the news story' "The game developer behind Second Life has abandoned its grand efforts for a virtual reality follow-up to its early 2000s hit. SF-based Linden Lab announced today that they’ve sold off assets related to Sansar to a small, little-known company called Wookey Search Technologies, which will take over development of the title. Linden Lab will continue developing and maintaining Second Life and it sounds like some of its employees will be joining Wookey. The deal was reported by Protocol. The game studio had already announced layoffs last month." So it seems with the layoff it's basically going down the tubes. Below is the link to the site which still seems to be up. https://www.sansar.com/
  3. I'm sorta confused. Isn't there a completely separate grid that LL started for VR? (VR Goggles)
  4. I don't know really. In 2007 it wasn't really a build but just an outdoors sorta rave area. I think the most it had was a couple grass huts. But it might actually still be the same region. I can't remember the actual region name from back then. One thing I do remember is that it was packed 24/7. It was always a big party. :)
  5. Nope that's a different place. The dance Island I'm talking about is LONG defunct. But thank you for coming and posting :) I still loved the picture :)
  6. In 2007 when I first joined SL there was a psychedelic dance island I used to go to. It was like a giant rave island and ALWAYS packed full of people. I'm asking people to share their experiences and any snapshots they have of dance island. I only have 3 snaps and they don't show much but some girl I must have thought was hot. lmao
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