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  1. I might be interested. Although I have to notify you in advance that I do not use clothing in SL and I have one of those GIANT sized wonkers. Is that a deal breaker? lol j/k
  2. OK I did a little research a while back Linden Labs was trying to develop a VR based grid separate from the normal SL Gird. it was called SANSAR. But it was abandoned recently and was sold off to a small company. Here is the news story' "The game developer behind Second Life has abandoned its grand efforts for a virtual reality follow-up to its early 2000s hit. SF-based Linden Lab announced today that they’ve sold off assets related to Sansar to a small, little-known company called Wookey Search Technologies, which will take over development of the title. Linden Lab will continue d
  3. I'm sorta confused. Isn't there a completely separate grid that LL started for VR? (VR Goggles)
  4. I don't know really. In 2007 it wasn't really a build but just an outdoors sorta rave area. I think the most it had was a couple grass huts. But it might actually still be the same region. I can't remember the actual region name from back then. One thing I do remember is that it was packed 24/7. It was always a big party. :)
  5. About a year ago I founded a new group called SECOND LIFE PUBLIC SAFETY. SLPS is somewhat of a role playing police group. With some exceptions. WHAT WE DO: * Community relations * Air & Boat patrols * Search & Rescue * Different classes and certifications * Scuba certifications and dive trips * Use of radios and reports to enhance the role play WHAT WE DO NOT DO: * We do not role play arrests or confinement * We do not power play law enforcement in the community * We do not chase people with flashing lights etc... * We are not
  6. Nope that's a different place. The dance Island I'm talking about is LONG defunct. But thank you for coming and posting :) I still loved the picture :)
  7. In 2007 when I first joined SL there was a psychedelic dance island I used to go to. It was like a giant rave island and ALWAYS packed full of people. I'm asking people to share their experiences and any snapshots they have of dance island. I only have 3 snaps and they don't show much but some girl I must have thought was hot. lmao
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