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  1. Thanks Wayne, I appreciate your comment. The thing is, Amethyst occupies two of the rental parcels on the mainland sim that I own. Therefore, if I should have any problems with Linden Labs getting their precious tier payment on time, her own interests could be threatened as well. This may account for the tone of her reply. A great deal of people's behavior depends on "whose ox is being gored". In any event, she's been renting from me for years and I'm not about to get upset over one comment. At my age, it seems to me that the things people SAY matter a whole lot less than the things people DO.
  2. I've SEEN the Official Blog entry ... all it does is echo the email I received, it does not address any of the points above, nor did you. Why not explain things a bit better?
  3. I find this to be a bit odd too. Okay, so they have a new payments processing organization ... but why does that mean that we have to reenter the same information? The information is there in their database(s), so why wouldn't LL simply supply that to the new company? Perhaps there is some sort of law or regulation of financial institutions that prevents this? If so, why not tell us that instead of simply demanding that we reenter the data? And why the sense of urgency? It said "Update Your Second Life Payment Today" ... why does it have to be done all of a sudden TODAY? And obviously if this
  4. Rare mainland sim with protected ocean sims on two sides100% water parcels with direct access to hundreds of ocean sims4096 square meters, 1000 prims, more prims available at same rateRez a yacht and explore the 180 sims of the Blake SeaRent is L$1695 per week, 15% discount if you pay for 4 weeksThe entire sim is RESIDENTIAL ONLY, there are no clubs, no stores, just people enjoying access to hundreds of protected ocean sims including the famous Blake Sea, which offers sailboat racing and wonderful opportunities for leisurely exploring. Ocean sims are public access: no fees, no ban lines, unres
  5. Oh Peewee, thank you so much! That was the problem: I had checked the "select only my objects" box at some point and then forgotten to uncheck it. I am SO glad the problem was due to my own fault and not some awful mysterious glitch deep in the server code. Thanks again!
  6. I have a new renter who has friended me so that I can edit his house so as to make it match up with the docks on my sim. He dutifully put a tick mark in the box next to my name in his Friends list that is supposed to enable me to edit his objects - but I CAN'T edit any of his objects. I can't edit the house (modifiable) he bought and rezzed on the parcel, I can't even edit a simple plywood box he created himself as a test case. He himself is able to edit the house and anything else he rezzes or creates, but not me. I have never seen this problem before. I keep thinking it has to be something o
  7. Hallelujah! My prim counts are back to normal again. After this morning's restart, the counts are once again accurate. I was hoping that would be the case, but you just never know. Unfortunately, it looks like the restart that fixed my prim count problems may have made other people's problems even worse - see Amanda Dench's post above. Amanda, I sure hope things get better for you soon. It's a difficult situation when the renters start bleating and milling around in confusion. My own tenants don't seem to have noticed that there was any problem, for which I am most thankful. And according to
  8. Well, it seems patience is having its reward. Since I made the original post in this thread, the prim counts on the parcels on my sim have gradually gotten closer and closer to accuracy. At this point, it appears they are only off by a few prims in most cases. So for whatever reason the problem appears to be self-correcting over time. I expect that after the next rolling restart the likelihood is that the counts will be back to normal, or at least I hope so. The bottom line is that I haven't lost any objects and my renters haven't had any complaints, so, all in all, not so bad as SL glitches g
  9. At this point in time I'm able to create objects and delete and return them. Hurray. On the other hand, the object I created earlier still won't allow me to delete or return it. And creating & deleting or returning objects does not magically transform the prim counts into accuracy. Sigh. Thanks for the tip about the server forum. I guess I'll try that a bit later maybe; right now I'm just feeling too weary. I know I should look on the bright side and be grateful for all the times things do actually work correctly. Really though it's okay, at least things aren't disappearing yet, as you po
  10. Thank you for that tip; it hadn't occurred to me to try something like that. Unfortunately when I created an object on one of the parcels just now the (incorrect) prim count not only didn't change, but now I'm unable to delete or return the object. Oh dear. I do hope this isn't happening to my renters as well. So far no complaints anyway. Of course, it could simply be the familiar situation where the servers are slow to respond, but if so this is one of the longest delays I've seen. I think I'm just going to log out and have my morning coffee and hope it all goes away after enough time has p
  11. I'm on "Second Life RC Magnum" so I expect you may be right. In this forum I'm an "Honored Resident" but on my own sim I guess I'm a "Guinea Pig". :matte-motes-silly: In any event, no, I'm not particularly worried at this point. It's just an annoyance so far. Hopefully it won't get any worse. Anyway, thank you for replying and establishing that this is not just happening on my one little sim. That being the case, I expect they'll get around to fixing it sooner rather than later.
  12. Well, I do let prospective renters know what the terms are. My HippoRent box automatically gives them a notecard if they click on it and/or when they make their first rental payment. I tried to put everything important in that notecard, but it didn't occur to me to say anything about horses. I have since revised the notecard to say that any scripted object that causes significant lag is not allowed.
  13. Since this morning the various parcels on my mainland sim have been reporting wildly inaccurate prim counts when doing an "About Land" or when obtaining the prim counts via scripting. One 4096m parcel that I know has 353 prims on it, is now reporting just FOUR prims (!). NONE of the parcels are reporting the correct number of prims in use. Some counts are off by only a few dozen, some are off by hundreds of prims. The counts have changed since this morning. At that time, one parcel was reporting just 26 prims (351, actual) and now it is showing as 170. The counts have remained stable
  14. Thank you for that explanation. As regards memory usage, it would seem I can already get that just from the usual pie menu that appears when right-clicking on something. If you select "More" and then "More" again, one of the choices on the third iteration of the menu is "S. Count" which gives you the message "Scripts Counted: 10 [448K]" in local chat (when right-clicking on one of the horses). Coincidentally or not this renter has seven horses on his 4096m parcel, which puts him right near the approximate limit you refer to, of eight horses per 4096 square meters. Evidently I will never have
  15. I certainly do agree that it's better to have objective data rather than subjective opinion. I'm not willing to install LL's viewer for any reason, but perhaps the Firestorm viewer from the Phoenix people would give me that data you speak of. I'll have to look into that. I believe you can get a preliminary copy of that viewer if you jump through a couple hoops. Thanks again.
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